Leisel Jones Controversy at the London 2012 Olympics

You may have heard about the controversy in the news with respect to Australian swimmer Leisel Jones and her being, shall we say, not in possession of what we think of we picture an elite swimmer.

Oh I’m being a good boy today, with all of my political correct-ness.

Anyway, there’s no debating whether or not she carries more bodyfat than  her peers, since swimming requires that participants participate in a bathing suit. Just take a look at her physique compared to American Swimmer Dara Torres, who’s physique (especially after having a child) made headlines last Olympics.

Australian Swimmer Leisel Jones

Australian Swimmer Leisel Jones

American Swimmer Dara Torres

American Swimmer Dara Torres

Well I’m not here to talk about whether or not she is hot or ugly or embarrassing or whatever. I don’t care.

But it does raise a couple of interesting debates – with her training volumes and intensities, why is it that her body carries more fat than any of the other competitors?

How is she eating? 

That’s always the first thing I’d look at.

Some people might say, “Leave her alone you prick!”

But I’m not attacking or judging, I’m just curious.

Because I’ve always thought that good nutrition that would fuel an elite athlete would result in a lean body. But in this case, she’s either eating well and it’s giving her enough fuel to be an Olympic level athlete but not creating a lean body composition, or she’s eating poorly and performing that well IN SPITE of poor nutrition.

Or maybe it’s something else that’s contributing to her current body composition that’s completely unrelated to her level of fitness.

Who knows? 

We could speculate all day on what it could be.

Mercury-fillings. EMF. Parasites. Thyroid problem due to certain xenoestrogens in her environment.

Who the heck knows?

All I know is that she is not what we’d expect and I’m just curious why.

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8 years ago

I am from Australia, and there have been alot of critism about her “appearance” when she competed in the olympics. Media have question whether she is fit or not based on her “pudginess”. I am for Leisel, i think she’s a great athlete and she did make a point or 2 to her critics that she is still fit and is still an athlete at olympic level. I was wondering is it something that her body is reacting too? like i assume her diet would be very strict and controlled for her training, but could it be her body reacting to carbs because it has been missing from her diet for a long period of time? i dont know. i am curious to what people think or if anyone has the answer.


PS. great website. im a subscriber to your channel on youtube.

Steve VB
Steve VB
8 years ago

Just doesn’t fit our minds picture of an elite athlete i think, excellent observation … looking at the girls in swimsuits… i like it