The Future of the Legal System

“What Weed Can Teach Us About Justice”

Read the above sentence again…

What weed can teach us about justice is the lesson that we can learn from Mary Jane…

That lovable character that likes to get passed around at parties…

Who often originated with the white guy who’s rockin’ the dreadzzz.

The role of marijuana in today’s society is a perfect case of the lack of common sense that rules our legal system.

They say weed is a drug.

They are fucking retarded.

If weed is a drug…

Then sugar is a drug…

And caffeine is a drug…

And they are all equal, but not the same.

They are all as equal and different as the falling snow on the streets of Toronto in mid-January…

No two snowflakes are alike – at the same time – no two snow flakes are bad, or good…

They just are.

Trying to classify weed or any substances, foods, behaviours or preferences  as good, bad or evil is blasphemy for one simple reason:

We are all unique individuals and what is good for Tim is not necessarily good for Jane, Flavia, Ping or Shaniqué.

Treat it on a case by case basis, but remember to remain respectful of the individual’s freedom to choose to live the way that they want to live… as long as it does not prevent others from living the way that they want to live.

This, my friends, is the future of the legal system… If, and ONLY IF… We want to live in a society ruled by common sense and good will.

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8 years ago

I respectfully disagree. Cannabis is now scientifically linked as a contributing factor to mental illnesses like schizophrenia. I don’t want to roll with guys who are either high or mentally ill. Also, I tried a little smoke as a teenager and it killed my lungs! I’d cough like I had croup for 10 minutes while my buddies who were a little on the chronic side laughed at me. I don’t believe there is any benefit for a healthy person to smoke cannabis. That’s my opinion.

Ian M
Ian M
8 years ago

Nicely put my friend. Martial Arts and Cannabis go hand in hand. There will always be those who refute that, but from my experience, it is very hard to deny. Appreciate the post Eric

Matt Solverson
Matt Solverson
8 years ago

It is wonderful to see common sense prevail, especially from my favorite fitness resource. And it’s also too bad that an incredible fighter in Nick Diaz is suspended right now because he likes to get down on the herb. It’s just silly that TRT is okay, but weed crosses the line. Some bull ass shit if you ask me.

P.S. Just got Ultimate MMA Strenght and Conditioning 2.0. Definitely the most efficient, yet thorough program I’ve had to date. I enjoy the science too, .

8 years ago
Reply to  Matt Solverson

Yeah there is some absolute madness going on in the world… Common sense and reasonableness are rare commodities nowadays…

8 years ago

What sparked (pardon the pun) this topic? Did you get busted?

8 years ago
Reply to  Cork_boi

I think it came from me watching a movie this past weekend called “Wanderlust”.

In it the main characters move from the rat race to a hippie commune and discover love and laughter, at the end they move back to the city though after some issues at the commune.

SO, it just got me thinking about the topic and such… I think.

But then again, who knows how the brain comes up with this shit.

Fred Moreno
8 years ago

Weed is totally not a controlled substance! It would eliminate almost %70 percent of over the counter drugs. Alcohol and cigs are 20 times worse and those are legal-lol, bet the doctors love it!!
I predict it will become legal because there’s no ill effects except for major eating and sleeping(which most cancer patients need) and that is better then beating your wife or getting a dui, or even crashing your car… Just saying!