How to Listen to Your Body

You often hear people say, “You’ve got to listen to your body.”

While good advice, it’s vague and can be difficult to apply.

I was in the gym a couple of hours ago warming up and my right knee just didn’t feel right.

On the menu today was an appetizer of Power Cleans, followed by a secondi of Overhead Press, with the main course being a platter of Deadlifts, finished off with a delicious assortment of 1-Arm Rows.

Not the kind of workout that is conducive to a funky knee…

I did my best to not expect problems and lengthened my warmup a bit, ensuring that all of the muscles that cross the hip, knee and ankle were activated and mobilized.

I stepped up to the bar to start my Power Cleans and did my usual ramping-style warmup.

After the first couple of sets with just the bar, it was feeling about the same.

But I continued and kept going, focusing on good glute activation. The more the glutes work, the less the quads/hams have to work and the less stress on the knee joint.

When I got to my work sets at 185 lbs, I felt about the same, but a funny thing happened and each work set got progressively better, with the final set being my best. I finished the workout without an issue.

Now, if I’d have thought, “My knee feels messed, I’d better not squat today” I would’ve stopped myself from having a great workout. I literally feel like a million bucks right now.

And this is how YOU can learn to listen to your body…

The next time something feels a bit off and you’re about to go train, I’m talking something feeling a little funky, not like a dislocated shoulder or visible ulna (an arm bone), don’t just write your workout off…

Do your best to NOT EXPECT problems and continue with your workout (pay a little more attention to ensure your body is as prepped as possible in your warmup) as scheduled.

The only thing you’ve got to make sure you do is to promise yourself you’ll skip any exercise that truly feels like it is making the problem worse.

This is how you can learn to listen to your body and let it guide you to the best choice.

Now, you’ve got some concrete actionable steps you can take to learn to listen to your body.

That’s what I’m all about – practical, actionable, effective and efficient tips, advice and programs.

You could follow this little routine and get great results. Power Cleans for example are such an efficient exercise, hitting your whole body and simultaneously developing power, strength and flexibility.

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