QnA: Back Pain, NOXplode, Jack3d

I’m back (after a week off) with another Ask EricWongMMA – this week I answer 2 questions to make up for missing last week.

The first question is about back pain and the second question is about pre-workout supplements.

WARNING: I swear in this video. More than a few times. Probably more than I should. If this type of thing bothers you, please click here.

It’s probably because I shot it while on the beach and I was super chillin’ and I felt like I was just shootin’ the shite with some pals.

I also go off on a couple of tangents and rant a bit.

Either way, I think that I share some extremely important concepts here, especially about the pre-workout supplements, so check it out when you’ve got 10 minutes:


There’s some good stuff in there and now I’m going to test your knowledge…

QUIZ QUESTION: What are 2-3 important factors that relate to maintaining healthy adrenal glands?

Answer below.

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I did used prework suplements and from my experience yeah they kind of help when you feel tired and feeling like you dont have it that day and instead of not working out you use them and at least have a decent work out but still at some point you start to need more and more because body starts to be tolerant to the supp then you are in trouble your body will feel more and more shitty because of wearing down of your glands just as eric said at the end of the day no one supplement gave me as much energy and strenght as a good sleep and rest there is no substitute for that

Bruce Payne
Bruce Payne

Hi Eric

Great vid and very passionate feeling come through.

When will we all realize, we are just a machine to market at by the big supplement companies, look at who owns them, or supplies them with the base products that go to make in the most part POISON. They only care about on thing MONEY.

If you can’t grow it, or recognize it, or at least it is only one stage removed, leave it on the shelf, your worth more than who is behind it.

Be Free of it, not a slave to them…




laughing and sleeping! knew someone withe adrenal fatigue and these were some of the thing he was told to do after he had his nervous breakdown.. lol

Rav Singh
Rav Singh

Meditation, Healthy eating and excercise.. in that order 🙂

Scrappy D
Scrappy D

The way I understand it is that there is like a health triangle in which all diseases or health issues stem from and that is the adrenal/thyroid system, the blood sugar system, and the digestive system. Any problems in one of these areas will effect the others and lead to health problems. So thyroid health would play a key factor in adrenal health, as well as digestive health and blood sugar. Great video by the way, I take creatine and glutamine with a little bit of protein before weight training and essential fatty acids and protein afterwards. I know the creatine will kind of give you energy as well but it is something that you recommend in your muscle building program so I am guessing it will not have the same negative effects as nos or jack3d supplements. Also quick question, I have heard a lot of different opinions on… Read more »


In general it comes back to not put stress on the body, which means: No caffeine, no exaggeration on the sugar, definitely watching out with certain pre-workout supps and doing something about external stress . As for maintaining it healthy: Sugars from fruit and veggies, practicing meditation and putting your lazy ass at the cherry beach in Toronto ;).


Good stuff MVB.

And lazy?!? I was working bro! Working all day for you mofoz lol.


Great information on this video Eric.

To add to your comment about the disc issue, height loss should not be a big concern.
Over all health and future prevention and aggravation of the disc and associated symptoms should be one’s main concern.

Great advice on the supplement issue… those so called pre work out boosters are total garbage, just massive amounts of caffeine and sugar.

As for maintaining health adrenal glands:

Do something positive to lower your stress levels, eg yoga, and working out.