Massage MASTURBATION aka Self-Massage

Since the beginning of time, man has wanted to take matters into his own hands.

However, many forces are at play to keep this from happening.

The Catholic church is a big one…

And so are registered massage therapists.

They have a lot to lose if you learn these techniques, which I can’t promise will be available forever, as pressures from above are coming down hard, so watch it now while you still can:


You can use these self active-release style techniques for any body part you wish, just think of starting the muscle in a shortened position, then lengthen it as you apply pressure and glide.

Of course you can’t do every muscle like this and a skilled massage therapist/active release practitioner can do a lot better than you can do  yourself, but there’s no beating the ability to do these areas frequently.

I had a lot of fun making this video.

Could you do me a favour and…

… please share it with your friends?

Doing so will let me know that you appreciate a little humour mixed in with good actionable content.

Anyone who trains MMA, lifts weights or spends all day typing will appreciate you for doing it.

Thanks and as always, your questions and comments are welcome and appreciated.

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7 years ago

“okey, you’ll pay me that much?! When do you want it?” HAHA! 😀

Thanks the for tips. My wrists have been a major issue for years now. Probably way past the point of repair, but maybe this will help a bit.


7 years ago

Yeah, that`s definitly useful. Hope it`s good for loosening up my hand.
In my new job I started a month ago (carbide foundry) I have to shovel and
carry around long pipes a lot… my grip is getting claimed a lot !

Same as Josemm I`d want to know how to treat your knees.
(and I know the girl`s videos, too. Her body is insane 😉 haha)
Right around my kneecap and that area….
I haven`t any known problems.
But it`s my no.1 weak point feeling sore and painful like it´s jut overloaded.

8 years ago

Haha i,ve seen that chick on youtube too looks prety fit and healthy lol nice video eric hey would you be so kind to do the same thing for knees? I have tendonitis and im having trouble fixing it i stretch as much as i can but still im not getting the results i want im to damm stiff

The muscle giving me most trouble is right in front my knee

Thanks as always

8 years ago

I liked the video but make sure viewers don’t dig their thumb into the Antecubital fossa and stop telling people about free massages your taking money out of my pocket! haha