Meniscus Injury – Day 6

As you may have read about in a previous article, I injured my knee. It’s my left knee and I felt it go while doing Back Squats on the 3rd rep of a set with 275 lbs. Not a crazy amount but I’d been building up for a couple months after not doing much heavy lifting.

It wasn’t just that rep though.

I’d been feeling it for a while. Just a little ache and pain, nothing crazy.

But I didn’t listen to it and now I’m paying the price.

“Do what I say, not what I do.”

I’m a big advocate of listening to your body and I didn’t do it here.

But it’s a good lesson that I needed as I was starting to feel invincible. Baseless over confidence. Not good.

I’m also going to start wearing my bike helmet around. I’ve been resisting it for years now because it messes my already messy hair, which doesn’t make sense. Then I just read an article showing how 95 out of 129 cycling deaths (or so) involved people without helmets.

Based on some provacative testing (that’s testing to see what elicits pain not testing done by a woman in lingerie) I have a meniscus injury. I won’t know the extent unless I get an MRI but it’s not bad enough for that.

meniscus of the knee

It’s no worse than it was when I did it on Monday (10/15/12) ┬ábut it’s no better either.

It hurts when I stand for too long, but only in a certain range of motion (30-60 degrees). It actually feels better after I’ve been sitting with it at 90 degrees, so keeping it straight for extended periods is what I have to avoid.

This is probably because the bent position keeps the joint open and takes pressure off the meniscus, while the straight knee position closes the knee and puts pressure on it.

Here are some other things I’m doing to get back at it ASAP:

  • Keeping it moving by walking, biking and <shudder> the elliptical – the more blood flow the better to whisk waste products out and bring nutrients and oxygen in
  • Taking fish oils as per normal
  • Making bone broth soups at least once a week to get the same benefits as glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and other substances related to collagen as well as a shitload of minerals that support healthy bones and joints
  • Taking a natural eggshell membrane supplement (NEM) once a day (started 10/19/12)

Other than that, my normal whole food diet and doing my best to sleep a good 8 hours a night.

I might get some acupuncture going, but for now, I’ve just got to wait another week to see how my knee responds.

I’m going to continue to post blogs up here about it every once in a while for you to see what I’m doing for injury recovery and also use it as a journal for myself to track my progress.

To be continued…

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8 years ago

Long-time reader, first-time poster. I was bummed to read about your injury. My wife just went through meniscus replacement (from a cadaver) and it was a gruelling rehab. Good luck with your recovery and get it back to 100% before getting too crazy with your lifting/training again.