MMA Ripped 5WO Guest Blog

As I said in my first blog; this is my third ‘real’ go around at the MMA Ripped program. However, this is the first time I have felt the strength and endurance at this point in the game.

I found that 45 seconds in the plyo exercises is more of a mind workout than a strength workout. It’s really gruelling to push that extra 15 seconds from 6WO. My bench press and deadlift numbers went up on my max sets, which I was very proud of. I pulled off 8 reps @ 205lbs for bench press and 7 reps @ 305lbs for deadlifts.

This was a week where I tried to stay true to my eating habits and keep it locked to my nutrition guidelines. Not that I hadn’t before, but I kept a closer eye to it this week. One thing I was able to learn thus far throughout this program is what my body likes and can handle; and what it can’t. For example, I came home from work one day at 3:45pm and decided to have a couple slices of whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter as a snack (I know, not in the nutrition guide) and almost immediately following it, my body felt tired and sludgy. It showed me that if I eat that type of carb later in the day that it will slow me down and lose energy. I have now shy’d away from them at that time and stick to it in the mornings.

That is enough rambling for this week. Keep it locked and thanks for the comments.

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