Meniscus Injury – Day 10

So a little update on my left meniscus injury…

I had a rough Saturday and Sunday. I was walking with a limp and my right knee was starting to bother me from the compensatory pattern I was using to move. I wasn’t feeling good at all.

The fact that I stayed out partying until 3am on Saturday night also didn’t help.

Nor did the fact that I almost got into a little fight at the bar help. Some dude was being a total douche bag, but I restrained myself. I’m too old for that kinda shit.

But I got acupuncture on Sunday by the Dessert Angel aka Physio Extraordinaire aka wifey.

It was an INTERESTING experience to say the least…

I got a total of 5 needles in me.

When the 2nd one went in, it was like I felt an electrical current going between the 2 needles.

When the 3rd needle entered my skin just to the left of my left knee, I felt a “THWUMP” go down my leg and out my foot.

It was really weird.

I felt some other sensations from the 4th and 5th needles, but the 2nd and 3rd were by far the most powerful.

I’ve never experienced something like this before with any other treatment: myofascial release, active release, massage, chiro, Bowen thearpy, craniosacral – nothing has affected me this much.

I then fell asleep with the needles in me and they were probably in me for close to an hour.

After wifey removed the needles, the knee felt about the same. Still limping. Still pain.

But the next day… the next day my knee was PERFECT. 

Now I didn’t try anything crazy. And I still haven’t. But since Monday, with some walking, light jogging just to test it, a few bodyweight squats, and some biking, I wouldn’t know I have an injury.

I know for this type of injury, I’m way ahead of where I should be.

In fact, my right knee feels worse, so I might have to get acupuncture for that one now lol.

I must admit, the mental side of the injury was getting to me though. Even though I could train upper body no problem, I didn’t hit the gym from Thurs-Tues. That’s 6 days without working out.

Felt like ASS because of it…

But Wednesday, even though I didn’t want to go that badly, I forced myself to and felt like a million bucks after.

I could’ve easily stuck to my normal workout schedule but instead I let the injury get to me. Definitely something I’ll be aware of in the future, but hopefully I don’t run into anything anytime soon <knock on wood>.

So that’s my little update.

I’m curious – have you had any experiences with treatments that have had a quick and powerful effect on you like the acupuncture did for me?

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7 years ago

Yes, I have torn either MCL or Meniscus (swollen like crazy, brace and crutches). I used the vascular flush method. I was soaking in a really hot bath, I let the leg relax in the water for a little bit, then raised it high to the soap caddy or something and massage the leg using long strokes towards the heart. Switching every few minutes between hot and cold (only out of the water) for about a half hour. I didn’t feel it until the next day, then even more so the day after. 🙂

8 years ago

Yo Eric Good to hear the acupuncture worked ( at least for now). I had a problem with my back once and the physio said it was a muscle spasm he stuck in a needle and bang the spasm stopped, instantly. The first 7 months of this year I was plagued with minor injuries: 1 after the other. It really got me down. Actually I’ve pretty much quit mma ( I drop into my club once a week/fortnight). I think now that I’m in my mid thirties the healing process is agonisingly slow. What used to take a few days has now become weeks to repair. I’m still into fitness – planning to do a marathon next summer. But trying to do my job and raise my family with a sprained ankle/shoulder, gammy knee/wrist/groin/back just isn’t fun any more. I’m really taking Brad Pillon’s philosophy to heart ( who you… Read more »

8 years ago

I had accupuncture once to relieve the stress in my shoulders upper back region.. well after two needles in the area, i passed out, felt really light headed for ages and was so relaxed when i came back that i almost wet myself. Talking with the guy he explained that he might have gone a bit deep with the needles, you see he made an asumtion due to my size. It did how ever remedy the problem the next day, awesome feeling to have that stress golf ball from under the scapula removed…

p.s- never tries it again, very unpleasant treatment, even though it worked…. just felt unsafe. tried another type of treatment a mixture of bowen and contact care, have been back on several times and it works on re-alignment of the whole body… awesome!!