Push Press for MMA Power

UFC 129 just went down in Toronto and it was a crazy night. I was there with my man Claude Patrick and he won his fight vs. Daniel Roberts via UD. Here’s the team in the locker room after his big W:

Claude Patrick with his team after his dominant UFC 129 victory vs. Daniel Roberts

After Claude’s fight I joined my fiancee, bro, sister and 6 friends in the stands to watch the rest of the card. The experience was unlike any UFC I’ve been to before, as a coach or a fan. 55,000 people can make a lot of noise!

My favourite moment of the night, second to Claude’s win, was Machida’s jumping front kick KO of Couture. I hate to see Couture end his career like that, but Machida’s kick was pure mastery, very reminscient of Anderson Silva’s front kick KO of Vitor Belfort.A lot of people have been hating on Steven Seagal since he’s been in the MMA spotlight, but there’s a reason guys like Silva and Machida have him around and it’s definitely not for his looks.


Steven Seagal giving Lyoto Machida pointers before his UFC 129 fight vs. Randy Couture

Now, onto today’s article…

Power is your ability to rapidly generate force.

The stronger you are, the greater your potential for power. Once you’ve got a good base level of strength, then you can focus on learning how to rapidly explode.

The Push Press is a great exercise for learning how to do this because if you’re slow, it turns into a Shoulder Press or Military Press, so you get a clear idea of how powerful you are.

Check the video for full details on how to execute this important technique for training MMA Power:

Learning to generate force with the lower body and transfer it through your arms is the key to developing explosive punches. While this exercise trains the vertical push pattern which isn’t as specific to punching, the neuromuscular timing is similar in terms of what muscles activate and in what sequence to properly execute this exercise.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think below!

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hey bro , nice video , just wanted to ask im 14 going to be 15 in december , so should i do this excersise and if i shod do this then which KG shod i take?
thx bro
– rohail


You can do it that’s fine just use a weight that allows you to maintain proper form. Lighter is better than heavier in this case.

john l
john l

Is that work out increase any injury possibility?


Hey John,

Not if you do it right and don’t try to be a hero and use more weight than you can handle.


Yo, great video Eric. I recent started doing this exercise so it’s good to know that it’s Wong Approved. Anyway sorry for being so slow but is the reason guys like Silva and Machida have Stephen Seagull around?


Sorry I meant to say “what is the reason…”


I was just saying that Silva and Machida are not dumb fighters, so there is something to them having Seagal around, I’m not exactly sure what it is, but with 2 front kick KO’s that technically look very similar, he’s showing them something.


I’ve been using push presses & push jerks for years in my S & C program
as well as snatches & I love them Now I’m not gonna give out too many of
My secrets but I am a big fan of O lifts or any explosive exercise actually
I believe they’re are really practical & functional all for us fighters & martial artists