University Student Gets Great Results

Here’s what a university student had to say about the Ultimate MMA S&C Program:


The first cycle of the program has been awesome. I was skeptical at first because of how short the explosive strength days were, but I put complete focus on the exercises and have seen great results. I feel alot stronger and have gained a bit of muscle. I am 5’9″ 173 lbs and around 12% bf. My numbers are now at 280 bench, 350 squat, 350 deadlift, and 70 lb chinup. I really enjoy the weighted chinups they have really improved my pulling strength.

I have been busy with school this month so have not been able to train MMA yet in april but I will be starting backup this summer and will be throwing guys around left and right with my new strength. My core is also stronger than ever, and after the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program I felt a large improvement in my stability during grappling, when I get full mount, I dont have to worry about them rolling me. As an exercise science major about to graduate and get my CSCS, I have learned so much from doing your programs…

The piece you wrote about a ripped physique as a side effect REALLY spoke alot to me as a professional and is something that I will use throughout my career. People spend endless hours in the gym with the goal of “looking good.” I spent 2 days a week in the gym with the goal of getting stronger and improving endurance as well as other aspects of performance, and putting on a bit of muscle and getting ripped as been a side effect and now it all makes sense to me. For example, the day that I started training core strength rather than doing “abs”, was the day that my midsection really saw a change. I will be graduating soon and getting out into the strength and conditioning world and have you to thank for a lot of knowledge of the MMA strength and conditioning game that I intend to get into. Also I hope to get my first fight this year and plan on complete domination¬† and my strength and conditioning will not be a problem, so thanks.

-Trevor Ratzky
University of Central Missouri”

Eric: Awesome job Trevor – because you’ve gone through the program, any athletes you train in the future are sure to benefit from your knowledge AND experience.

Grab the Ultimate MMA S&C program and keep me posted on your results just like Trevor.

Train smart,

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8 years ago

I have done the program and it works! I am glad I found it. It’s funny how people look at me weird when I walk into the gym with a printout of the workout I’m going to do, especially when I write stuff down. I have gain strength power and endurance, everything I’ve been looking for!