All Lifts Increased By 70-80 lbs?

I’ve been drinking Bailey’s tonight. Ran out of beer. I hate it when I run out of beer. Meant to go buy some today but didn’t get around to it. Sucks.

Anyhoo, just got this email sent to me from Charles on March 31 this year, telling me about his results with the Ultimate MMA S&C Program…

The first thing he tells me is, “ALL my lifts have increased by at least 70-80 Lbs.”

Instead of cut & paste, I took a screen capture and have posted it here, editing out Charles’ email address for privacy.

After reading it, you’ll understand why I’m going to follow up with Charles and ask him in more detail exactly what lifts these were.

I’m guessing his EZ-Bar curl didn’t go up that much and I don’t want to report inaccurate results.

Without further adieu, here’s the uncensored email straight from my Outlook:

Charles Stage's results using Eric Wong's Ultimate MMA S&C Program

Here are the 2 resources Charles mentioned in his email:

1) Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program – to get in top fight shape

2) Jeff Joslin’s MMA Quickstart Program – for that killer jab

——UPDATE APR 13/2011——

I emailed Charles to ask him specifics about his gains and this is what he had to say:

Awesome stuff for sure – way to go Charles!!!


ps. And yes, the med ball work gives you that explosive POW in training. 🙂

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Matt Solverson
Matt Solverson
8 years ago

This guy dead lifts significantly less than he can squat. This seems odd to me.