Neck Training for MMA [ASK ERIC]

Having a strong neck can keep you from getting KO’d and also help prevent concussions.

But the standard methods used to train the neck are not only wrong, but can DAMAGE your cervical spine.

Find out what you should be doing and the full scoop in this episode of Ask Eric:

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Lisa Madeiros
Lisa Madeiros
5 years ago

Eric, Wow, great post! But I think this pertains to all, not just mma fighters. Thanks for the great new ideas, can’t wait to try this out.

Tom Drake
Tom Drake
5 years ago

Hi Eric

Well I’m not too sure about Grimsby being the land of the peaches when Winona has the Peach Festival lol.

Regarding the stability ball exercises for the neck, I’ve checked your Ultimate MMA S&C Manual multiple times and couldn’t find it in there. There was nothing regarding training the neck in the master manual, the exercise library or the training guide. There were some stability ball exercises but nothing for the neck.

I’d love to know where and how I could fit them into your program.