MMA Ripped 6WO Guest Blog

This week was a tough one to stick with the whole nutrition plan, as up here in Canada it was Thanksgiving. I spent the entire Thanksgiving weekend in a very small town in British Columbia called Silver Creek.

Now, onto the training portion of things. In the sixth week I feel the strength portion of things increasing like crazy, I absolutely love the ISO pushups and pullups. When it comes to the sparring sessions, I rock through them with not a heck of a lot of effort. I have a feeling that in 5WO, the extra reps are going to put me through some grueling challenges.

I don’t know if any of you can help with some tips, but during one legged side-bridges, I find my hips ache quite a bit. I have a tough time holding for any longer than 10 seconds.

I will now mention the Thanksgiving FEAST. I didn’t over indulge, however I did have quite the turkey high. I ate a little bit of mashed potatoes and had a bun. Want to know the funny thing about eating those things though, I felt very sluggish following those extra carbs.

Because of this program, I now know what foods do for my body and what I can and can not eat.

Keep it locked for 5WO.

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