Mental Training for MMA – Interview with Jeff Joslin

Fear, nerves and self-doubt are 3 enemies that are as dangerous to you as it would be for a beginner to go up against Anderson Silva (or Chris Weidman, for that matter).

In this interview, I grill ex-UFC veteran and my good friend Jeff Joslin about mental training for MMA and how to develop the warrior mindset.

We also talk about his new book called “Monster in the Cage” in which he shares the strategies he used to ensure he was 100% mentally prepared for his fights.

Jeff launched his book last week but I got a few angry emails because I gave you guys short notice about the Monster in the CAGE launch special and the bonus MMA training workshop he threw in.

So I asked him to extend the sale for my subscribers, just in case you missed out and you wanted to grab the book (and bonus).

The extended sale ends Wednesday at midnight EST, so get on over there if you want to grab the book and ensure your mental game doesn’t sabotage your chances of fighting to your physical potential. Click here to grab Monster in the Cage or to learn more.



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