3 New Medicine Ball Exercises for MMA Quickness and Power

I almost melted shooting these 3 medicine ball exercises for you outside.

But I soldiered on through the suffocating heat because I want YOU to be a quicker mixed martial artist…

A more powerful wrestler.

Or a more intimidating grappler.

And you can do so by working the 3 med ball exercises I teach you in this video.

Separately and even better, together, they’re awesome for various skills of MMA: particularly scrambling, defending takedowns and even scoring takedowns of your own.

Check it out, and if you like it, let me know:

It’s innovative drills like this that can not only help you develop your biomotor abilities (in this case, Quickness and Power), but also keeps your central nervous system (CNS) creating new pathways, keeping your brain healthy.

Plus, shit like this is fun. 😀

If you liked the vid, hit ‘Like’ below so I know it and if you’ve got any questions/comments, leave ’em below.

HEADS UP: got some awesome stuff related to this video coming your way next week. Watch out for it.

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7 years ago

Sick…especially when u combine it like that, then…it looks psychotic…somehow. LOL!!

7 years ago

Great! Thnx for these!
Looking forward to the next email…

Grtz John

7 years ago

I was sprinting in that park this week during one of the hot days too.

I missed you.

Great video!!!!!

7 years ago

Eric, you were filming this video in the heat wave? Dedicated.

7 years ago
Reply to  Nathaniel

I sure was sweatin’ like a MOFO after I finished the vid lol.