More Medicine Ball Exercise Madness

This medicine ball exercise has so many benefits, I’ll list them out in bullet point form for you so you can clearly see so how powerful it is:

  • Improve power, specifically of the triple extension movement pattern
  • Train your ability to absorb force, which is important in combat sports or any sport that involves physical contact (bowling doesn’t count)
  • Trains your reaction time as you have to turn around, sprint, then visually track the medicine ball as it flies through the air, gauge it’s speed and distance and adjust your speed accordingly to catch it
  • It also trains your vestibular system as your head and eyes will be moving in different directions than your body, which will help with your ability to be aware of your body’s positioning in space

Plus, it’s fun as hell.

Check it out:

If you’re watching this video here on the blog, then you don’t need to go anywhere, because now I’m going to tell you what I’ve got for you… [If you’re here from YouTube or Facebook, welcome to my digital home :)]

I’ve just recently made videos of over 30 unique and effective medicine ball exercises like those I’ve shown you in this video, and my last post.


Not only that, but I’ve also put together 3 CAGE Cardio workouts based on medicine ball exercises:

  1. “The Chest Chiseler” – an Aerobic + Lactic workout that will murder your pecs and can be done anywhere, as long as you’ve got a medicine ball and a bit of space to move around… it doesn’t require throwing the ball or running after it so you can do it in the gym.
  2. “3D Power” – an Aerobic + Alactic medicine ball workout that is best done in an open field. You’ll be performing throws and tosses in a wide variety of movement patterns, focusing on various twists and rotations, which are key to striking power.
  3. “BALLS DEEP” – an NRG System Complex that includes various high-impact medicine ball exercises (hence the “BALLS”) and will help you go the distance with power (the “DEEP”). If you haven’t noticed, I have fun naming workouts. 😀

It’s summertime and there’s no better time to discover how to effectively use the medicine ball.

I’ll be releasing this program later this week, so to make sure you can get your dirty little hands on it, subscribe below and you won’t miss the launch of this new program:

NOTE: if you already get my emails, you don’t need to subscribe. Just sayin’.

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7 years ago

hi eric,

have you released this program yet? i can’t seem to find it.