The 1 Discipline to Master to be a Top PRO MMA Fighter

I can figure out if you’re going to have a successful career after just a few minutes talking to you.

jeff-joslin-ripped-mmaIt’s It’s how I knew Jeff Joslin was going to be a successful mixed martial artist…

Now, you may not think that having just 1 UFC fight (and losing) was a successful career.

But think about this: an unknown mixed martial artist from a small Canadian town is called to fight a guy who has won 5 of his last 6 fights and was the first ever TUF champion (Josh Koscheck).

Unfortunately, Jeff’s career was cut short because of injuries…

But those in the know, guys like UFC matchmaker Joe Silva and Joe Rogan could both see the talent and potential he showed in his debut inside the Octagon.

So how did I know this about Jeff?

One of the points was that he was all about learning. He’d buy every grappling video (on VHS lol) available and took detailed notes about everything, filling up notebook after notebook.

He was a true student and if you’re going to be a successful mixed martial artist, you must go OVER and ABOVE what others are doing.

All of your opponents are in the gym everyday, drilling techniques and sparring. 

This is the bare MINIMUM.

Here’s where you can succeed: for most guys, when they leave the gym, the training ends there.

So if you want to be better than most guys, you’ve got to do MORE.

You’ve got to be training when they’re NOT, but because your body can only handle so much, that’s when it’s time to switch gears and train your MIND and learn new techniques even while your body is recovering.

Unless your coach is 100% invested in your success, you’ve got to step outside your gym and be your own coach, too.

You see, your coach probably has a busy life, as he may also be a fighter himself focused on his own career, or maybe he’s a business man and possibly even a family man…

Thus, he can’t spend all his spare time researching and studying new techniques to ensure you’re receiving cutting edge training – you’ve got to do this yourself.

Fortunately, the internet has made this very easy for you.

The problem is that it can get overwhelming.

That’s why you’ve got to seek out the BEST and when you find them, you’ve got to take the opportunity to soak up their knowledge.

“Stand on the shoulder of giants,” as Tony Robbins recommends.

And Ben Askren is a giant.

Ben Askren

If you’re just a casual UFC fan, you might not have heard his name before.

Only serious mixed martial artists know about him and know how much of a bad ass he is.

He’s the current Bellator Welterweight champ and he’s also got quite the resume as he was a 2008 US Olympic wrestling team member, four-time All-American , three-time Big XII champ and he won an astoudning 87 matches in a row to go undefeated in his last two NCAA seasons.

And he just released a training series called “The Manhandling Manifesto” where he shares the techniques that have contributed to his success:

mandhandling-manifestoThe Manhandling Manifesto: New Training Series By Bellator Champ Ben Askren

NOTE: This product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. This Add to Cart button takes you to the order form on Ben’s site – this is not my product and I am not the retailer. For after purchase order support, please contact the email listed on your invoice.

This is the type of product you MUST study if you really do want to be a success.

Look at Ben's resume again:

[+] 2008 US Olympic Wrestling team member
[+] 4 time All-American
[+] 3 time Big XII champ
[+] Current Bellator Welterweight Champ

And you can have him as your coach via the Manhandling Manifesto.

You know that wrestling is the best base you can have for MMA.

It’s been proven time and time again as 5 of the 8 current UFC champs have a US wrestling base, while GSP trains with the Canadian Olympic team.

So if you or your coach don’t have an NCAA wrestling background, you’ve got to learn from someone who doe s and there is no better opportunity than now:

>> Become an ELITE MMA Wrestler Today

If you’re resistant to invest in this program, it’s OK, the majority of your competition is feeling the same thing.

med-ball-ecover-3d-webThat’s why I want to help you overcome this resistance…

Grab Ben’s program today and get my latest program, “Medicine Ball Madness” as a FREE bonus.

It's the perfect complement as it helps you develop power and quickness specifically for wrestling techniques like the double leg takedown.

The medicine ball is an under and improperly used tool but when you discover how to use it effectively, it will give you a level of power that you didn’t think was possible.

Not only that, but I’m going to do something I’ve never done before…

I’m also going to hook you up with ONE of the following out of my Premium Programs:

1) The Ultimate MMA S&C program (complete S&C blueprint for MMA)
2) The Olympic Lifting Mastery Course (staple moves done by wrestlers)


With Medicine Ball Madness and 1 of the 2 programs above, you’re getting programs of value equal to the cost of the Manhandling Manifesto, so you’re essentially getting a 2-for-1 deal. 

So if you’re truly serious about success, get over your resistance and do what your competition isn’t and grab Ben’s program today. This decision is officially a no-brainer.

After you grab the program, shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up.


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2 years ago

Is the DVD set still available?

7 years ago


If I spring for this will you still throw in the other two programs or is that promotion over?


7 years ago
Reply to  Joe

Hey Joe – yessir, grab it and I’ll hook you up. 🙂

The promo ends Tues @ Midnight, so as long as you grab it before then you’re good to go.

Ryan George
Ryan George
7 years ago

I purchased Ben’s program and sent you an email. How long should I expect to hear back from you?

7 years ago

just wanted to know if there’s a different web site to order all I get is the video of him no sign of where to order.

7 years ago
Reply to  jesse

I slapped the button on the page here (just above) in case you’re still having trouble on Ben’s site.

7 years ago

Dude, no where on the page (yours or his) to order, pls investigate and advise. Txs

7 years ago

been trying to order the above but can not send it to a APO address,

7 years ago
Reply to  TONY

That’s weird because it’s a DIGITAL product.

7 years ago
Reply to  Eric

is there a number or email which i can contact ?????

7 years ago

Try loading the page, let it sit there for 10 minutes then come back and check it. Might be a delayed load thing.

Santiago Sanchez
Santiago Sanchez
7 years ago

I clicked on he link but it just sent me to a video of him but no place to order ?