Improve Front Splits Flexibility AND Strength

We’re gonna get to the exercise in a sec but first, I have to share something I’ve been feeling with you…

I’ve been inspired at the movement that’s taking place in the world of fitness because I feel like we’re finally getting away from the superficial as the ultimate goal.

While avoiding obesity and being lean and muscular is definitely important and a reflection of healthy choices, for the longest time, these ideals dominated fitness to the point where anorexia and megarexia are common occurrences in today’s society.


Well this is all changing, my friend, and in my not so humble opinion it’s about damn time.

Since Day 1, I’ve been more interested in how we move and perform than how we look and I’ve also been teaching how the continued elevation of your ability to move, whether it’s through flexibility, mobility, strength, speed, power, endurance or what have you will ultimately give you a body that looks as good as it performs, as long as you follow just a few key nutrition principles.

When bodybuilding and aerobics were the main forms of exercise, once the physique was attained, there were only 2 choices an individual had:

  1. Continue to push the envelope with respect to physique, towards anorexia or megarexia.
  2. Stop your evolution and just maintain doing the same old, same old, which typically results in boredom and alternating between having your ideal physique and having to work towards your ideal physique.

But the irony is that when physique becomes secondary to performance and movement ability, it actually becomes easier to maintain.

The reason why is two-fold, one, because continually elevating your fitness will force your body to continually adapt in ways that are beneficial to aesthetics and two, because with respect to performance, the sky really is the limit and there’s no way you’re going to be elite in every BMA.

That’s why it’s so fun – because there’s always a new challenge.

If you’re not interested in being challenged you’re basically saying you want the easy way out.

But since you’re here on, I know you’re not the type to look for the quick fix – you realize that work is required and you’re more than willing to put it in.

Now, if your goal is just to be fit and healthy…

The key is to be a GENERALIST vs. a SPECIALIST.

A generalist works towards building:

  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Strength and Power
  • Speed and Agility
  • Conditioning and Cardio
  • Balance and Coordination

In short – all of the Biomotor Abilities (BMA).

So if your goal is to specialize, for example, you want to be an elite Powerlifter, you have to focus on the Strength BMA at the expense of the others.

If you’re fine with that then cool, rock on!

The specialists are those who show the generalists what’s possible.

But for you and I, when the goal is to be able to enjoy everything in life that’s available and be someone who is fit and healthy, being a fitness generalist is where it’s at.

I believe this is why my approach to fitness, which evolved from training mixed martial artists, who must truly be generalists in their combat training as well as their fitness, resonates with so many including those who don’t train the martial arts at all.

Because now, we no longer have to focus on the superficial and instead, can work on what we’re capable of instead of just how we look.



On that note, here’s today’s exercise, which will not only improve your flexibility and mobility, but also your strength, specifically in the front split position.

Give it a shot and let me know how it feels in the Comments below.



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Laura H
Laura H
5 years ago

I will also be practicing this exercise, being mindful of form and technique. Thank you, Eric.

5 years ago

I agree with your rant, definitely on board with being a generalist. And wow, that is a lot tougher than you make it look

Steve vb
Steve vb
5 years ago

Lovin it Eric. I have a similar problem, which is I can kick real high in a front position but really struggle to get any real hight on a side kick. The outside of my hip seems to stop it? I have the hip flexibility solution programme and it doesn’t seem to help that particular area.

5 years ago

definitely feel it working the muscles, just doing it for a short period. thanks