Heavy Bag at Home | Hernia | CAGE Cardio Progression [ASK ERIC]

In today’s QnA video, I answer the following questions:

I have a heavy bag at home and would love to be able to do 30 mins in the morning before I go to work. Do you know of any help I could get with technique training? – Ryan Hassell, UK [01:34]

Do you have to stick to one specific A+A circuit for a few weeks and work through the progression to get the full effect or can you get equal results by changing the exercises in the A+A circuit every workout? – Mike Ross, Ontario [02:32]

I need to strengthen both tendons and ligaments to help prevent dislodging my bones from “the sockets” as I “overpower” according to the chiropractor. – Mary Russo, Goose Creek, SC, US [05:18]

When I go heavy on my deadlifts I feel a pain in my lower right abdomen. Is this a hernia? I worry about tearing something. Any modifications? – Jon Fisher, Atlanta, GA [08:28]

If you’ve got a question about training for MMA or martial arts, nutrition, injuries or anything else that you’d like me to answer in a future QnA video, submit it here.

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Rick D.
Rick D.
5 years ago

Eric…GREAT ADVICE on conditioning stabilizer muscles! A lot of people forgot about that. Thanks!!

5 years ago

..Re: tendons and ligaments. The chiropractor didn’t say anything about strengthening them. If there is a problem it is coming from inflammation — person needs to look into getting hydrated and seeing if there is a possible magnesium deficiency…