The Fight Shape Blueprint

6 Essential Steps To Get In Top Fight Shape


By Eric Wong, BSc, CSCS

You’ve found it…

This resource is designed to give you an overview of the exact steps you must take to get in top fight shape.

You see, many martial artists are confused about what it truly takes to get in top fight shape.

On top of the information overload created by the internet, there’s also a pile of misinformation to sort through before you get to the good stuff.

Being in top fight shape includes the ability to execute dynamic and high speed techniques with power and precision, like throwing explosive head kicks or executing vicious takedowns…

It means having the conditioning to continue to battle long after your opponent tires…

It means being strong, powerful and adaptable, allowing you to handle any tough situation that comes your way, even if you’ve never encountered it before…

It also means having a balanced body that is immune to injuries…

Is this what you want?

I sure as heck do.

This is for you, even if you don’t fight or study martial arts…

Think about the type of fitness that pro fighters have and what they need from their strength and conditioning program and ask yourself the same question.

Think about how resilient their bodies must be to be able to endure grueling training sessions every day.

And think about the need for their workouts to be efficient and provide results in the least amount of time possible, since so much time and energy is already dedicated to skills training and sparring.

Well, this page is here to give YOU a step-by-step plan to get in TOP FIGHT SHAPE.

That’s why I call it…

The Fight Shape Blueprint

You down?

It’s the same blueprint I use to train multiple UFC fighters, Olympic boxers, competitive athletes across many different disciplines and recreational martial artists who want elite physical fitness.

Before we get into it, let me give you a quick backstory about who I am and why I’ve created powerDOJO…

My name is Eric Wong and I’ve been involved in the martial arts since 1999 when I first began studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

I was an early UFC fan and saw Royce Gracie quickly tapping guys out that were twice his size and knew that it was a powerful art, so I signed up at a school in my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada that offered BJJ training.


I wonder what possessed Art Jimmerson to wear ONE boxing glove?!?

I trained diligently for 6 months then moved to attend the University of Waterloo where I spent the next 5 years studying and came out with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.

One of my professors whom I took numerous classes from was Dr. Stu McGill who is widely considered the top low back pain expert in the world.


The scar I have from major back surgery when I was 14

This was especially good for me because when I was 14, I spent the entire summer lying flat on back recovering from back surgery, which has left me with this wicked scar.

It took a long time to get back to moving around, not to mention doing what I loved most – playing sports (particularly hockey, baseball and tennis at the time).

However, physically I never returned to being 100% pain-free or moving as fluidly as before.

And I suffered from intermittent bouts of back pain for years, until learning some of the critical concepts in rehabbing LBP from Dr. McGill and further study I did with Paul Chek after graduating from university (which you’ll learn all about in this series) and experimenting with different exercises and approaches (thankfully I’m 100% LBP free now!)…

After graduating, I returned to Hamilton where I also started training at the BJJ school I first studied at.

I learned that the head instructor, a guy stud named Jeff Joslin, was fighting MMA professionally.

I thought to myself, “I love MMA, maybe I can help him with his strength and conditioning?”

To make a long story short, we trained together for a year and in that time,  he won a title in a Pro Canadian MMA organization (Apex – now defunct) and made his UFC debut against Josh Koscheck, which I was lucky enough to accompany him to.


Left to Right: Jeff Joslin KO’ing Nuri Shakir to win the Apex title, Jeff Joslin fighting Josh Koscheck in the UFC

While he lost the fight against Koscheck, he battled hard for 3 full rounds and it was clear his conditioning was there.

When we returned from San Diego where the fight took place, I started getting bombarded with requests for personal training and programs from many local fighters.

So I started working with a number of local athletes who were already fighting or wanted to start.

In 2007, I also started a blog and began sharing articles and videos online and in 2008, I created my first online program, the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program (which has since been updated) to satisfy the demand for an efficient and effective program for MMA since I didn’t have the time to work with everyone who wanted to train with me. 

Since then, I’ve worked with a couple other Canadian UFC fighters, Claude Patrick and Mark Bocek, as well as many other pro and amateur mixed martial artists, national boxers, BJJ competitors and other competitive and recreational martial artists and have continued sharing my ideas online via my blog and through Premium Programs.

It’s this experience combined with continuous study that has culminated in the FIGHT SHAPE BLUEPRINT and the 6 steps you’ll discover within.

It includes components most other programs don’t, which is why it consistently delivers LONG-TERM results.

It’s based on Kinesiology, which is defined as the science of human movement, and experience training hundreds of athletes.

There are no magic pills, quick fixes or fly-by-night fads here.

If you’re the type of person that looks for these things, you’re outta luck, so you might as well skidaddle.

Because here, all you’re getting are tried-and-true scientific principles to get you in top fight shape…

With the LEAST amount of time and energy.

This point is important because the less time and energy you spend in the gym, the more time you can spend training your technique, recovering or just chilling out and enjoying life.

Plus, you’re more likely to be able to consistently stick to an efficient plan versus one that requires you to be in the gym for hours everyday, because I bet you’re busy, right?


So close the door, shut off your phone and get ready to take some notes, because the info you’re about to learn you won’t read in magazines or hear from your typical personal trainer.

The following flowchart outlines the FSB.

WARNING: there’s little value in understanding, for example, exercises for punching power or stretches for tight hips by themselves. There is enormous value in learning how to integrate all of these components into an efficient and balanced program.


Here are the 6 steps to get in top fight shape:

  1. Correct Flexibility and Mobility
  2. Train With Proper Form
  3. Athletic Resistance Training
  4. Complete Conditioning
  5. Progression and Periodization
  6. Accountability and Support

We’ll examine each of these steps and the precise wording used in this series.

You’ll also be pointed to additional resources to dive deeper into each topic.

Some of these resources are freely available on the powerDOJO blog. Other resources are only available inside the powerDOJO Members area.

The Members area is for those of you who take their fitness seriously and are looking for the best programs to get the fastest results possible.

Lean in to the FSB and pay close attention – I’m about to reveal the exact steps I use to get my athletes ready to battle inside the Octagon or compete at their peak on the mats.

Hook Me Up With Step 1 >>


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5 years ago

James, man, there is no tease here! What is promised is what you see is what you get. Eric as busy as he is always takes the time to answer questions that are sincere and hungry. Trust me, I have asked some doozies and proven the old adage false that there are no dumb questions. The man lives his talk. Inside MMA and beyond.

5 years ago

I want this system! I’m convinced you’ve developed this just for my exact goals ! Are you going to string us along?

5 years ago
Reply to  James

Whaddya mean string you along?

5 years ago
Reply to  James

What I am going to do is educate you fully on my approach and even provide resources on how to do it yourself, then I know that if you join me, you know what you’re getting into and you’ll get maximum benefit.

5 years ago

this program looks amazing! Intriguing enough to give it some serious consideration, even though I have never trained at anything similar in my life. I do love your tips and tricks, and so I know it will be “only the best” 🙂

Jim Garry
Jim Garry
5 years ago

Thumbs up!