FSB Step 1: Correct Flexibility and Mobility

The Fight Shape Blueprint

Step 1 of 6: Correct Flexibility and Mobility

Without proper flexibility and mobility (F&M), 2 major problems arise that will totally derail your training efforts and keep you from achieving your fitness goals:

Problem #1: you will not be able to perform exercises with correct technique, which will force your body to compensate and cause an injury.

Injuries are the biggest KILLER of results and avoiding them is TOP priority.


Tightness causes muscular imbalances and compensatory motor patterns, which would be like driving your car with bad alignment – your tires will wear out much faster than if your wheels are properly aligned.

Problem #2: even if you don’t get hurt, being tight and restricted limits your performance.

Another car analogy – it’s like driving with the emergency brake on – your speed and power (and strength) are all limited.

Once you release the brake, you take off (make gains) with even less effort.

You’ll feel like you’re “flying”.

That’s why Flexibility and Mobility is Step 1 of the Fight Shape Blueprint.

Before gaining strength…

Before becoming an explosive fireball…

Before developing a never-ending gas tank…

You absolutely MUST address flexibility and mobility problems, otherwise, all that hard work you put in will quickly be flushed down the can or won’t give you the results it should.

Now, there are 2 parts to “correct” flexibility and mobility (F&M): Part 1 is choosing the correct methods and Part 2 is using those methods to correct your problems.

Unfortunately, there’s a popular MYTH in the F&M arena that will prevent you from making lasting gains and has you stay tight despite your best efforts…

This myth is that static stretching is all you need to improve your flexibility.

It’s not.

And in fact, it can often does more harm than good.

You can stretch and stretch until the cows come home, but if you’re not addressing the ROOT CAUSE of your inflexibility, you’ll never get long-term results.

And what is the root cause of your flexibility problems?

Well, there isn’t just 1 root cause, but 9 root causes that can be the source of your tightness and we can categorize them into 3 main categories: strength, neuromuscular and soft tissue.

I call it the 3D Flexibility System and later, I’ll direct you to a video presentation where you’ll learn all about this powerful system.

Now, let’s go through one example of how tightness cannot be resolved by static stretching that most people these days, and that is TIGHT HIP FLEXORS.

Do you have tight hip flexors?

Even if you’ve stretched them consistently, I’m guessing they’re still tight.

The reality is that tight hip flexors are actually often caused by WEAKNESS in the hip flexors themselves, or weakness in the surrounding core stabilizers.

You see, the hip flexors tighten up to compensate for their weakness to ensure the joint stays stable.

Why does this happen?

It’s because your nervous system is always on alert for anything that could put you at danger.

hungry-lionThis is a hard-wired response that has served us well since our primitive days when if we took a minute to think about if something was dangerous or not, it would’ve slowed us down and we would’ve been eaten by that hungry lion.

The same thing happens here, except your nervous system perceives this unstable joint that you created by static stretching as an injury waiting to happen and works to prevent it by tightening the muscles around it so it’s no longer unstable.

Make sense?

So any of these 9 factors might be your limiting factor.

The key is to address them all and ensure your body works the way it’s supposed to.

And that’s why I’ve created the 3D Flexibility System – to give you a framework that you can use to address any of your flexibility problems.

It works to increase flexibility for tight hip flexors, hamstrings, quads, pecs, lats and any other tight muscle group because it addresses the ROOT CAUSES keeping you stiff and tight.

Once you apply this system, you’ll not only rapidly improve your flexibility, you’ll also improve your strength, power, speed and conditioning because you’ll no longer be fighting the restrictions in your own body.


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Flexibility and Mobility Resources

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powerDOJO Members-Only Resources

  • The Hip Flexibility Solution: includes 6 routines that work synergistically to cure you of your tight hips and improve your functional performance in resistance training exercises like Squats and Deadlifts and sport techniques like throwing kicks, swinging a golf club, skating and more (Regular Price: $67 - get instant access inside powerDOJO)
  • The Hip Flexibility Solution LIVE Workshop: this was a workshop delivered to a group of personal trainers where we went in-depth into the Hip Flexibility Solution program (Regular Price: $97 - available inside powerDOJO now)
  • The Shoulder Flexibility Solution: includes different routines for specific problems including rounded shoudlers, forward head, trouble touching hands behind your back and more (Regular Price: $67 - get instant access as a powerDOJO member)

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This is hands down the best instruction — integrating all facets — on the web. Bravo Eric. Keep it going .


Thanks Eric, it is really true & good to have flexibility with correct exercises to analyse for our body to mobalize


Excellent programs Eric. I really enjoy the simple easy to understand formats.

Neil Newson
Neil Newson

Hi Eric I have a number of your programs including hfs.Everything I’ve recieved from you has enabled me to progress in my training including having a lot more knowledge of why I’m doing what I’m doing.Long may it continue. Hope your daughter is on the mend.


Hey Neil, thanks for the feedback and kind words. She is on the mend (finally) and she’s HILARIOUS.


Hi Eric, I have both hip and shoulder programs, still stiffer than … well you can guess?? Still at 64 I gonna keep trying! Count me in!
(PS give the little girl an extra hug today, passed on from ‘Grandad Nige !)


LOL… hopefully you’ve gotten some help?

And Livia says thanks for the hug grandad Nigel!


That’s so true. Never thought of tightness that way, but now that I think about it most of the injuries I’ve had I wasn’t at my most mobile or flexible. Good analogy for tightness


It’s true man – when you’re tight, movements can take you to the “breaking point” much faster.


Love the clear plan and progression of an overall concept. A great system you are putting in place!

Jorgen Nordahl
Jorgen Nordahl

This is looking to be something great!


This is an excellent idea! I already have the hip and shoulders programs, how do I become part of this? Is there any discount or benefits for getting these previous programs? Keep up the great work and enjoy your new paradigm shift!


Hey Morgan, everything is not quite ready yet, but details will be coming over the next couple of weeks.

Neecie (Denise) Eckard
Neecie (Denise) Eckard

Hello Sir Eric,much thanx 4 this FSB series! I, like Morgan, have the hip flexibility program. I meant to get the shoulder program, (I have extreme neck, shoulder, back issues, L/R sciatic damage), but I failed 2 respond in time 4 ‘new release’ price . Is there an ‘all inclusive’ FSB video training available? My body has been breaking down for over 15yrs, my cognitive abilities are whacked as part of my debilitation. IE; extreme difficulty putting things together in my mind. Thank you for any directional help you may offer. Blessing, Neecie


Neecie – something far better than I’ve ever offered before is coming. Stay tuned 🙂