The 3D Flexibility System

The FASTEST Way To Flexibility Gains That Last


Watch today’s video presentation to the end to discover:

  • Why traditional static stretching will never help you make lasting flexibility gains (and how it can leave you ripe for injury)
  • The 9 factors that may be keeping you feeling stiff and tight right now
  • The role strength plays in flexibility and the 3 different types of strength you need to develop to be flexible and functional
  • How your nervous system impacts your flexibility... and what to do about it.

I developed the 3D Flexibility System in just over 2 years of research and applying my research on myself and my athletes.

Due to demand, in 2013, I launched a program designed specifically to unlock your tight hips, called the Hip Flexibility Solution (opens in new window) that was designed with the martial artist who wanted to throw effortless, fluid and fast high kicks.


Since then, over 5,000 people have gone through the program with great results.

It also helped improve exercises that require proper hip flexibility, such as Squats and Deadlifts.

And it also helped relieve many from years of chronic hip and low back pain.

Since my clients got such great results, they asked me for a similar program for the shoulders, which I released in 2015 called – wait for it – the Shoulder Flexibility Solution (opens in new window).


I’ve received similar feedback from clients who have released their tight shoulders using the Shoulder Flexibility Solution.

Both the Hip and Shoulder Flexibility Solution sold for $67 each…

But right now, you can get FULL and INSTANT access to both of these programs inside powerDOJO.

On top of this, you’ll also get access to:

  • All of the premium programs I’ve published since 2009 (over $724 value) including the Ultimate MMA Strength & Conditioning Program, Olympic Lifting Mastery Course, Bulletproof Back and more…
  • Every month, a new powerDOJO Workout featuring advanced strength and conditioning methods to keep your training fresh and keep you making gains month-after-month
  • The intuitive Workout Tracker so you always have a record of all of your workouts and can visualize your progress graphically
  • The private members-only Video Vault filled with over 600 instructional videos and organized by movement pattern
  • Access to me as your coach to get ALL of your questions answered (think of the benefits of having someone who has trained UFC fighters and other pro athletes in your corner)
  • Access to my members-only community filled with positive, like-minded martial artists and other individuals getting in top fight shape (and no douche bags)

I reserve powerDOJO membership only for those clients whom I really want to work with.

Those who want to be in top fight shape and build complete and well-rounded fitness.

Guys (and alpha gals) who are coachable, ready to take responsibility, take action and TAKE CHARGE.

Weeding out the tire-kickers, fence-sitters and those who aren’t willing to put in the work allows me to invest more time and energy with and achieve incredible results with my clients because we’re the right fit.

So if this sounds like you, click the button below for full details on how you can become a member:

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