Last week I had the privilege of attending the premiere screening of a new documentary called DEFINED, which follows a friend of mine, pro bodybuilder Ben Pakulski, as he prepares for the 2015 Arnold Classic.

You could fit two of me inside of him lol!

Obviously I’m not into the bodybuilding stuff but I have full respect for anyone at the highest levels of their chosen endeavour, especially Big Ben.

Regardless of the use of steroids, bodybuilders still train their asses off and work as hard as athletes in any other sport.

Defined is a short film and if you get a chance to watch it, I recommend you do.

After the screening, the floor was opened up for some QnA and when I got the chance to ask a question, I first commented on how good he looked on stage in his red underwear, then asked him:

“How do you come back from setbacks?”

Many people have a (perceived) failure and then spend a lot of time and energy beating themselves up, either mentally (with negative thoughts), physically (through negative actions) or usually, both.

Ben gave a great answer and outlined his process which gives you insight into how the elite become elite and continue to improve day-in, day-out.

Essentially, he said that the outcome doesn’t really matter (he finished 8th in the Arnold), every workout is the real competition and if he’s successful there (in that he follows his plan and gives it his all), then he’s won.

After the competition, he sits down and analyzes his whole training plan (the importance of having everything documented and tracked) and looks at where he could improve.

Then, he revealed a very POWERFUL question that he asked himself after the Arnold…

He said, “I asked myself, for the next competition, what do I have to do so that I can retire and be 100% happy with my performance and career?”

This is a super powerful question and can only elicit a great plan.

I really do look forward to seeing how he’s going to implement the answer to this.

So that’s what’s up today.

Focus on the PROCESS, not the OUTCOME.

And make sure you ask yourself powerful questions.

Tony Robbins says, “The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of questions you ask yourself.”

Listen to these two giants and put it to use and nothing but good can come of it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or comments on this article, so you can leave them BELOW:

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Great story. Reminds me of an inspirational quote: Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.


I have my owm Tony Robbins book and I now, how important is to ask Yourself a good questions. And like every fighter in the world, I wish to be a good fighter and simultaneously look like bodybuilder 🙂


Great article


Perfect timing for this article. I had just read another article on kaizen the other day and the crux of it was to basically improve little by little each day and the success will compound on itself.


Thanks so much for this last post.
That question so resonated with me. That is a life changing question to ask myself on an ongoing basis.


Awesome comments! Really motivated