CRYO SMR – New Foam Rolling Technique

Want to decrease soreness (DOMS)?  

Would less inflammation float your boat?

Sore Muscles

Then you need CRYO SMR (TM) – my new, advanced, super-duper space-age revolutionary technique to use post-workout.

I don’t feel like typing much these days, hence all the videos.

I’d rather be out in the sun instead of sitting in primate posture behind my computer typing. Hope you understand. [Matter of fact – let me know in the Comments if you like videos or prefer articles – I’m curious]

Now, we know that foam rolling is beneficial. In fact, this 2012 study showed that a 10 minute massage post-workout decreased inflammation and increased mitochondria – good for producing more energy. The authors state:

“In summary, when administered to skeletal muscle that has been acutely damaged through exercise,massage therapy appears to be clinically beneficial by reducing inflammation and promoting mitochondrial biogenesis.”

I used to roll before exercise, but after seeing this study, I’ve moved my rolling efforts after. I suggest you do the same for the maximum benefit.

But are you still rolling around on a piece of foam? Stop living in the dark ages!

OK enough marketing hyperbole and that should be enough for Google – check it:

If you’re doing hard workouts that produce muscle soreness, this technique is a MUST. Get a solid water bottle and cool that mofo down with some ice then roll it out like a Cuban making cigars.

And for those of you who are jumping on my boy Travis’ 50% off sale on his new Hardcore Workout Finishers program, this technique is not an option, it’s required.

Hardcore Workout Finishers

If you tried the link the other day, it might’ve sent you to the wrong page. All is fixed up now so the link above will get you to the 50% discount page.


I also dug up workout that uses a sled, kettlebell, medicine ball, tire, sledge hammer and tornado ball that’s based on my NRG System Complex template.

When you get the Hardcore Workout Finishers program, I’ll hook you up with this workout too.

After you get it, just go to this page here and enter your invoice to claim your bonus. Sweet deal!

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I was at Walmart this evening with my wife and daughter in Calgary. I saw an article on “foam roller” in Men’s Health. I went home, found a tennis ball and experimented. Then I found your site here. This video on the water bottle is a good one, I have translated the concept using instead a tennis ball. I have found this myofascial release to be very helpful as I have found that I feel the strength training more these days in the tendons and deep in the muscles, as I am now 41. Through many years of training the muscle activation has gotten easier with the weights but the problem now is the recovery. You noted that the foam roller routine you would perform after the workout. As I have patellar femoral syndrome in the right leg I will be performing this myofascial release with the tennis ball on… Read more »


Jeez Eric
you gotta stop sending me stuff to buy: I’m about 2 programmes behind already…


Looks good but i gotta investigate a bit more, i have the idea that SMR should be performed hot and apply the ice after for better results..


Depends on your goal – if you want decreased inflammation and DOMS – then ice would be better.

But for actual facial release, heat probably works better.


Great.. thanks for the help 😉


both, though videos always best illustrate everything…
thank you for all the great “stuff” 🙂

andy stone
andy stone

videos are better in my opinion. that way you can see correct form


Interesting stuff Mr. Wong. Thanks


Both. Thanks to you I am getting stronger. Iron and crazy 8’s plus the dojo make for a fun week.
Thanks for all.