Hardcore Workout Finisher (The Hardcore 250)

I was recently contacted by a guy by the name of Travis Stoetzel because he’d purchased my Olympic Lifting Mastery course and wanted to do an interview with me about it for his blog.

So we setup a time and did an interview over the phone, where I shared some of my best tips for mastering the O-lifts. That interview will be coming your way soon.

I then looked into what Travis was all about and one word sums it up nicely: HARDCORE.

On his blog he posted a challenge workout to win his new program “Hardcore Workout Finishers”. Being up for a challenge and because of the fact I could do it outdoors, I figured why not?

What exactly are “workout finishers”?

A finisher is designed to complement and enhance your main strength-training program. Finishers typically last around 4-10 minutes, depending on exercises, reps, sets and the setup.  They are done after your main workout, hence the name “Finishers”.

Here’s me putting the Hardcore 250 into action:

When you do workouts like these, make sure you focus on form. Fatigue is going to occur and will make you slow down, but do your best not to sacrifice technique to try to maintain your pace.

Remember, garbage in = garbage out and if you’re training with bad technique, you’re training your body to use INEFFICIENT and COMPENSATORY movement patterns. Don’t do it!

Another caveat – if you’re training MMA, you DO NOT WANT TO OVERDO WORKOUT FINISHERS!

Done too often they’ll take way too much out of you and leave you overtrained.

My recommendation is to do them once a week at the end of a strength workout and no more. They are designed to be less than 10 minutes long, so once a week is a good amount to ensure you avoid overtraining.

If you’re training for a fight, stop doing these types of workouts completely 5-6 weeks out and instead focus on NRG System Complexes, which hit your aerobic and anaerobic alactic systems vs. your anaerobic lactic system like in these types of routines. Aerobic/alactic training is where it’s at for peak MMA performance…

You should be training strength 2-3 days/week max if you’re also training MMA, so finish one of those workouts off with one of these Hardcore Workout Finishers.

Speaking of which, Travis just released this program, so you can get for half price. The price is ridiculously low right now – check the link to see it:

Hardcore Workout Finishers

Hardcore Workout Finishers
(50% off until Thursday)

The package includes 31 different finishers, videos of everything, as well as some cool DIY tutorials for making a sandbag, dragging sled and setting up a “hardcore home gym”.

A lot of cool stuff for a really good price. If you like creative and challenging workouts, I highly recommend it!

No need to hype it up – if you want some new, aggressive workouts and to learn some new exercises, not to mention some tutorials to build your own hardcore home gym, go for it now.


P.S. Based on the entries into his contest, I would’ve won the challenge. Just sayin’.

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dying to try this workout , except for 100 jumping jacks .. can i count that high


“I’m afraid to drive home because I’m gonna crash…..and that’s not just because I’m Chinese” – LMAO, you’re too much Eric.


Nice workout. Hate to tell you this but exercise 1D was a Burpee /chinup you did a squat thrust.
So you will have to go back and do it again. LOL


Dah you’re right!! Haha I didn’t realize. I think my triceps werent up to the task anyway. 😛