Bench Dips | Exercises for SI Joint Instability | Get Strong Not Tight [ASK ERIC]

In today’s QnA video, I answer the following questions:

Triceps Bench Dip – Yay or Nay? (no name) [00:37]


Hi Eric, I suffer with a hypermobile sacroiliac joint and periodically visit an osteopath to ‘click’ me back into place.

It’s very painful and when the surrounding muscles tighten I really struggle to even walk!

Can you give me any stabilisation exercises to help me?

Thanks – Nic x Nicola, Carden-Nowell, Northwich UK [01:49]


I follow 5/3/1 revolves around squat bench deads and shoulder press.

I notice a decrease in shoulder range of motion as my bench goes up.

So basically I want to know which exercises should I train for mma, which should I throw away.

Keeping good posture is important to me, I have trouble squeezing my shoulder blades together at all, have very tight lats upper traps and chest.

– Daniel Zwinger, Naugatuck, Connecticut, US [05:41]

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Irene ryan
Irene ryan

Hi Eric love your videos i just tried your cross bridge floor exercises for tight shoulers and wow my neck shoulder injury feels so much better already, just to make sure I’m doing them correctly do you keep your head facing the floor after raising your chest? Or is it better to raise head to stretch neck? Also u said to hold for 30 seconds, how many reps and how often do you recommend everyday? Could chiropractor make things worse by cracking neck? Thanks Eric your a life saver


Yes, keep looking straight to the floor, this keeps your neck in line which is what you want. 2-4 reps per day done once or twice a day is great. I’m not a fan of getting my neck adjusted by chiropractors.

Irene ryan
Irene ryan

Hi Eric, I’m having problems with trapezium muscle and I’m getting a lot of headaches, I’ve booked apt with chiropractor, it feels like whiplash my left shoulder and neck area, what exercises do u recommend? And do u think going to a chiro is a good idea? many thanks

Paolo Valladolid
Paolo Valladolid

How many sets and reps of the hip extension exercise? Thanks!


Do a 1-2 sets of 6 reps, holding for 5 sec at the top. Rest 30 sec between sets if doing 2 sets.


Hi Eric,

Thanks so much for the SI joint exercises! I’ll get started on those right away!

Nicola Carden-Nowell


I struggle with technique whilst punching heavy bag, can you advise?