Are Your Scapula PARALYZED?

Since I’ve focused on publishing content to help you with eliminating pain and improving flexibility and mobility (on the path to greatness!), I get a lot of questions from about SHOULDER ISSUES…

Sometimes the questions come from VIP subscribers like you, sometimes it’s in person from friends or friends I haven’t met who also follow me online.

If I’ve got the time, I like to ask questions about the issues and assess to see if I can help because I love this stuff…

So if you ever bump into me, please feel free to ask me something (email is another story).

winged scapula

One big theme I’ve noticed over and over is that most people have poor control of their scapula and their scapular muscles are weak.

An easy way for me to detect poor scapular control is when people have problems dissociating elbow from shoulder joint motion i.e. I ask them to perform a movement that should be pure shoulder motion and they bend at the elbow and can’t separate the two.

There are 2 reasons why our poor scapular control isn’t surprising:

  • The scapula are on the back of our bodies, so they're more difficult to engage since we can't see them move.
  • The common mindset in fitness of quantity over quality, where we keep going regardless of compensatory movement patterns in the name of more reps i.e. shoulder shrugging when trying to max out on Pushups and Pullups, makes our scapula stupid.

The problem is that your scapula are literally the foundation of your shoulder joint and its role is akin to that of the foundation of a house.

Build a house on a shaky and unstable foundation and soon it’ll all come crumbling down.

So, I’ve decided that the next few weeks are going to be dedicated to RE-PROGRAMMING scapular motion and building true scapular strength… and it all begins TODAY with an assessment:

>> Assess Your Scapular Health HERE

After taking this assessment (will take you less than 2 minutes) you’ll get an idea of how healthy your scapula are.

And as a bonus, I’ve got a special training video for you, based on your results, that will tell you all about each of the questions in the assessment and will help build scapular control and strength.

>> Get Your Scapular Health Score HERE

Take the assessment, watch the video afterwards and let’s restore the function and strength of your shoulders

Coach E

P.S. When you restore proper scapular movement and strength, you unlock a whole new level of upper body POWER… not to mention bulletproofing your shoulders in the process.

Gymnasts are well-known for impressive upper body strength and power and when you look at gymnastics movements, you’ll notice their “secret”…

Gymnastics movements are predominantly performed with a straight arm, which means the strength is coming from the shoulder joint, not the elbows.

Doesn’t matter if it’s the pommel horse, rings, parallel bars, or a floor routine – 90%+ of the movements are done with straight arms.

Pay attention if you’re watching gymnastics at the Olympics and you’ll see what I mean, but make sure you don’t forget to get your scapular health score here, first.

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4 years ago

Did the test..but im sure a detailed video of my movements would be more helpful im no expert and not sure if im doing things right. 🙂