Advanced ABS Workout Finisher

Here’s the video of the Advanced ABS Workout Finisher:

Perform the workout ladder style from 6 reps down to 1 rep:

  1. L-Chinups (or Fetal Position Chinups)
  2. SB Prone Rollup (or SB Rollouts)

The key is maintaining NEUTRAL spine, which trains your core to protect your back and be in the position for maximal power transfer.

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If you’ve got a fight coming up, I recommend using these types of workouts, which train the Aerobic + Lactic energy systems, from 12-8 weeks out.

As you get closer, you want to focus on the Aerobic + Alactic, then the NRG System Complexes.

If you don’t have a fight, do these types of Aerobic + Lactic workouts in 4-week blocks.

For more info on scientifically training the 3 energy systems for MMA, click here.

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7 years ago

Nice I might give that a go

Paul Jones
Paul Jones
7 years ago

Did you plant the guy in the pink shirt in the background doing the horrendous crunches and planking? Anyway, great stuff as usual, really appreciate you sharing your knowledge like you do.