3 Fat Loss Hormones and Calculating Body Composition


Today’s video addresses my man Jon’s question about losing body fat and what his ideal body composition would be for fighting.

Jon’s a big dude (6’4″) and wants to fight at 205 lbs, so that puts him exactly at Jon Jones’ dimensions – perfect for Light Heavyweight IMO.

Here’s what we’ll go through in the video:

  • How to calculate fat mass and lean body mass
  • How to determine how much fat loss and/or muscle gain is needed to achieve a certain body fat %
  • 3 hormones that control your fat loss

Check it out:

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[IMPORTANT NOTE: any and all individuals desiring rapid, sustained fat loss must watch this presentation ASAP]

These allergies are kicking my ass.

My boy Danny recommended I try this homeopathic remedy called Lufeel. I did. It didn’t work. Too bad – I want so badly to believe in homeopathy, but no homeopathic remedies have worked yet.

So I’m back on the Claritan. Downfall – I get RABIDLY hungry. Bear waking up from hibernation hungry. If I keep this up I’m going to wear out the hinges on my fridge door.

No more talk. Must go eat. Have an awesome weekend.

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Jon Fisher
Jon Fisher
8 years ago


It was truly an honor for you to answer my question, and to use me as an example. Unreal!
I just finished my 2nd insane endurance event the Tough Mudder, thanks to your programs. Once the injuries heal up I will begin the “Xmb” program. Can’t wait. I look forward to meeting you one day.

Thanks dude,

8 years ago
Reply to  Jon Fisher

Way to go Jon – did you enjoy the electric shocks? 🙂

Would love to link up one day. I’ll definitely look you up if I’m ever in your ‘hood.

8 years ago

Hi Eric,
Can you specify some way to check bodyfat %?
I have no way to access any of the fancy stuff, is there anyway to do this at home, on my own?


8 years ago
Reply to  Riccardo

This is the easiest, albeit roughest calculator you can use:


Calipers are pretty good and all you need is a partner to help you… Perhaps I’ll do a video on that…