2 New ADVANCED Kettlebell Exercises

The Kettlebell often gets a lot more credit than it’s due.

Yes, it is a cool exercise gadget from scary Russia.

Sure, Fedor was once photographed with a pile of ‘bells at his feet.

But it’s never really excited me that much.

Add to that the fact that Fedor has also been seen in the photo below and the mystique is soon erased.

Until now…

I was recently sent a copy of Scott Sonnon’s new Kettlebell program and I’ve gotta tell ya, it’s good.

Really good, like slipping a punch and landing with your hook for a big KO good.

Here are two of the over 30 powerful kettlebell exercises that I learned in the program. Add these into your program and feel the benefits:


‘TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz’ is on sale now, go get it:

==> TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz

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8 years ago

Great stuff i just stoped your programs for a bit to use sonnen and mike guillet programs and thats because i want to use the mikes to max all my numbers i didnt feel strong enough and also to use the 5×5 training to increase my weak muscles to eliminate my muscular imbalances

And the sonnen pluged in to the other just to work in power endurance with the kettle bell and work on my functional strenght and is working
once all my strenght and imbalances are on place i will starts the strengh and conditioning again i hope it works this way

I have been improving so far what do you think eric?


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10 years ago

Wicked! im excited to implement those exercises…

wrestler strength
10 years ago

Shit I misread the title, it’s from his 115 victory…they’re hyping him up for his 120 fight. Sorry, I should have paid more attention but I saw you in the background and had to get over to your blog to tell you!

wrestler strength
10 years ago

Eric, I’m going to watch the video in a second as I’m sure it’s kick ass like your others. But I had to get over to your blog to let you know what I just saw on ufc.com- your man Claude Patrick has the Submission of the Week from his UFC 120 victory. Congrats man!

10 years ago

thanks for the heads up on the kettle bell exercises i really want to do more of that unfortunatly my gym doesnt have any kettle bells but i am going to remedy that by buying my own thanks for keeping me motivated….