1/2 Kneeling Clean and Windmill Press

Side pressing is great and something unique to Kettlebells – check out this exercise and enjoy the burn:


If you want to master the fundamentals of kettelbell training and perform KB exercises with proper technique, you’ve gotta check out my friend Chris Lopez’s new Kettlebell Finishers program that includes as a FREE bonus his “Kettlebell Essentials” 17 video tutorial set.


This bonus alone is worth at least $50 and makes the insanely low price of the whole package seem miniscule.

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I’m also working on 2 special KB workouts based on my CAGE Cardio system, but it’ll only go to those who grab Chris’ program so make sure you don’t miss the boat. I’ll send everyone who grabs Chris’ program the bonus on the weekend so watch out for an email from me.


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