PERIODIZED Fat Loss Program

Periodization is a concept that’s been around for ages, yet many still don’t take it into account and even most trainers fail to build it into workouts for their clients…

IMO, one of the culprits is the “Be a Personal Trainer in Just One Weekend” industry that “certifies” anyone who can pay the $500 course fee and show up for a weekend, half asleep and still pass the exam.

This is going to ruin the industry sooner or later but until then, you’ve got to take matters into your own hands and do your due diligence.

If like many around the world, January will be dedicated to fat loss, with a little planning ahead you can boost your efforts when the new year rolls around…

So how would you do this?

Well, I’ve already thought about this, which is why the last powerDOJO Workout of the Month (pD WoM) was focused primarily on hypertrophy, while the current pD WoM is a combination of hypertrophy and strength.

Here’s the science behind it:

By first building muscle mass, you’re adding metabolism boosting muscle to your frame, which will help you “eat up” the excess calories that generally find their way into your mouth around the holidays…

Then, by following up with max strength training, which involves lower reps, more rest and big compound movements, you “harden” the new muscle you’ve built so you don’t just lose it by transitioning to a cutting style workout right away…


Proper max strength training relies on heavy nervous system activation and thus stimulates new neural pathways to your muscles that help you keep muscle you’ve built.

[Side note: this is also why learning a new movement pattern properly is much better than trying to fix a bad movement pattern – according to Richard Schmidt, author of a couple of textbooks on Motor Learning, it takes a lot more effort and repetitions to break a bad movement pattern (thousands) than build a new movement pattern from scratch (hundreds) – so when you’re learning a new technique or exercise, go slow and do it right.]

Now, this is a mistake that many people do – they “bulk” then “cut” but because of the hormonal and physiological effects that cutting involves, you’re going to cut fat as well as much of your hard-worked-for muscle!


However, if you follow a Periodized model that I’ve described, which looks like:

Hypertrophy ==> Strength ==> Fat Loss

You’ll build lean muscle, keep it while also gaining strength, which will then set you up for the most effective fat loss workouts you’ve ever experienced!

I’ve tried to break down the science of Periodazation for you in this simple article, does it make sense?

I hope so. 🙂

While it’s too late to start on a full hypertrophy phase right now, a hybrid hypertrophy and strength program would be perfect if your main goal in January will be to get shredded…

This would be especially good if you don’t need to gain much muscle in the first place.

So if you’re gonna be looking to cut down in January and you want to build the proper foundation to maximize your efforts, I’m setting something up for you that’ll be ready in a day or two. Keep your eyes open for it…


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