The WRONG Way to Set Goals (do this instead for LASTING results)

Ahhhh, New Years Resolutions…

Set by millions around the world.

Broken just a couple of months (or even days) later by those same millions.

As such, a lot of “experts” look down upon setting them.

But not me.

I think when the calendar flips is a perfect time to reflect, re-evaluate and set new intentions on what you want to achieve.

Every masterpiece started from a blank canvas and the dawn of the new year is just that.

I’ve been spending the past couple of months thinking about 2016 because I know the power of planning (“Fail to plan, ___ _ ___”).

I’ve come to realize that my work habits get thrown off in December, so there’s no point fighting it and instead, I use the time I have to sit back and reflect on what I want to make happen in the new year.

And just for fun, I’ve been talking to random people about their New Years Resolutions.

Just before writing this email, after I ordered my black double Americano, I asked the barista I see all the time if she had any goals for 2016.

“Well, I want to find a good man.”

“Sorry, I’m taken,” I replied.

She giggled and then I asked her how she defines a good man.

She listed off the typical characteristics women say they want in a man.

I gave her a stern look and said, “I told you already, I’m taken.”

She giggled again then gave me my Americano.

Now, I’m writing this to you because there’s a mistake I want you to avoid that most people make when setting goals.

I’ve made this mistake many times before, so don’t think I’m preaching from the pedestal, here.

Here’s the BIG problem…

Shooting for too much, too soon.

You know what I mean.

“I’m going to workout everyday and eat perfect everyday and lose 48 pounds in January. Hurrah!”

And it’s not just at new years.

I’ve heard some variation of this from many people at all different times of the year, whether it’s a fighter or overweight dude looking to get back in shape.

So instead, I recommend you do this:

Start Slow and BUILD

When you start slower, you have a better chance of sticking to whatever plan you set.

When you stick to your plan, as long as it’s sufficient to make progress, you’ll get results.

The results you get will be motivating and will help you keep going.

When you keep going, you’ll be building the most important thing…


Habits are what will help you keep whatever results you get.

Habits are what will prevent you from spiralling down into the dark abyss that is doing absolutely nothing and feeling sh*tty about it.

Habits are the absolutely most powerful weapon you’ve got to create the life you want, because once they’re set, they take little energy to maintain and you can build more habits on top of them.

But habits take time and consistency to build.

At least 4 weeks of doing something daily and longer if it’s something you do less frequent.

When it comes to your fitness habits, this is what I recommend:

If you train MMA, a Martial Art or another sport:

2 sessions/week for strength (30-45 min)
2 sessions/week for conditioning (15-30 min, can combine with strength)
15 minutes per day for flexibility/mobility/corrective exercises

This schedule allows you to make gains without overtraining and ensures the bulk of your energy is devoted to skill training.

If all you do is your gym/fitness workouts:

2-3 sessions per week for strength (45-60 min)
2-3 sessions per week for conditioning (15-30 min, can combine with strength)
15 minutes per day for flexibility/mobility/corrective exercises

I suggest doing some type of intense activity at least 3 days/week, so if you do 2 strength and 2 conditioning per week, one of the days can be strength+conditioning and the other 2 days can be just strength and just conditioning.

Just 2 workouts per week is not enough to improve if you’re not doing anything else.

So if you’re looking to create proper habits, look to implement these schedules and once you’ve followed them consistently for at least 2 months, then think about building on them.

It might feel like you’re not doing enough, but you’re actually doing it right and it will set you up for a lifetime of being in shape so you never have to experience the depression that comes from doing nothing.

Coach E

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