Your Newest Skill: Mental Training

There’s a new skill in town, and it’s not a hidden form of karate or a secret indigenous-tribal martial art – it’s mental training. Actually, it’s not that new, it’s been around forever, especially for some of the more mainstream individual sports like golf and tennis.

But now in MMA, some of the top guys are touting the benefits of keeping your mind in peak shape, guys like:


So, to keep you guys on the CUTTING-EDGE, I did an interview with Bill Gladwell and Stephen Ladd, 2 guys who have a different approach to mental training than the traditional sports psychologists and have helped many MMA fighters be more confident, stay relaxed, and truly unleash their skills in a fight.

Check out this interview and get some KILLER tips to improve your mental game:

Click Here to Listen to the Renegade Mindset for Fighters Interview

(or right click here to download the MP3 and save it to your computer to listen to)

I really think what these guys have put together is a great package, and I think the price is really a no-brainer, especially if you’re a fighter who’s about to have his first fight or if you’re an experienced guy who’s questioned himself even the tiniest bit in a previous fight.

To check out the full program, go to

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The Grappling Source
The Grappling Source
3 years ago

This is really a wonderful article on the health and mental conditions of a player. Please keep posting more on it. For more info:-


[…] Mental Focus gets better […]


[…] Mental Focus gets better […]

Rocci Williams
Rocci Williams
11 years ago

I have purchased the renegade mindset, I have the audio on my ipod just waiting for the readable stuff, now I dont know if its to do with where I am listening to it ie surroundings or if I wasnt comfortable enough but I just aint feeling it yet, this isnt to say it doesnt work as I havent taken this mindset to the cage but what I will say is this – I listened to the interview between Eric and Brian Cain and this alone got me mentally in the zone ready for my boxing match , using triggers such as ‘I DONT GIVE A CRAP’ and ‘ I CANT CONTROL WHAT THEY DO’ if you havent heard this then you should purchase the ultimate MMA stength and conditioning package, as this was included (it was when I got it anyway)the way that Brian puts things across really gets… Read more »