YOU have the answer


I was having a little coaching conversation with Sean, a pD member who described his goals and also the obstacles he thought were in his way.

These are the two first things I want to learn about any client I work with, because what I’ve found is that often, once this info is revealed, I don’t have to provide any new info to help people make a big jump towards their goals.

And this is a huge mistake people often make when trying to achieve a goal. We’ll get to this in a sec.

Now, I’d go as far as to say that YOU probably have everything you need to take a big step towards achieving your goals.

The problem that people usually bump into happens anywhere from 50-80% on the way there.

It’s at this point they don’t have the strategies or support to push through to the end and end up at ground zero.

So one of Sean’s goals was to get his body fat to 12%.

I asked, “What’s the #1 thing that you think negatively impacts your fitness/physique the most?

“Evening snacking including but not limited to pizza, ice cream, and chocolate. The quantity is where I tend to foul things up I know a small amount of any one of these on an infrequent occasion is not going to screw up my entire diet.”

Sound familiar?

I’ve definitely heard this before.

So we’re going to work on a blueprint and strategies to ensure Sean’s success, because I know when he gets to 12% body fat, since he’s already very strong, he’s going to look imposing and won’t go back to the old ways since the new Sean will be so badass.

I just wanted to share this story with you because I believe that for most goals, YOU have the answer to get at least 50% of the way there.

Now, back to that mistake I mentioned earlier?

The mistake that most people make is they’ll try to achieve something, fail, then instead of learning and tweaking, they’ll look for a totally new approach instead of assessing what went wrong and fixing it.

Do this and there won’t be any growth on top of their previous actions and again, they’ll get to 50-80% of the way and get stuck again.

Plus, it’ll take a ton more energy to figure out this new plan and how to implement it.

So think of your goals, then answer these 2 questions:

1) What is the #1 thing you need to do to achieve it?

2) What is the #1 obstacle holding you back?

Get clear on the answers to these 2 questions and focus on the action you get from answering the first and the awareness you need to avoid the second and I bet you can get pretty close to your goals just staying vigilant.

And if the problem in #2 is that you just lose motivation and fall off track, then perhaps, you need someone in your corner who will ensure you don’t fall victim to your past habits.

If you want me to be that person for you, join me inside powerDOJO here and I’ll do my best to help you become the person you know you can be.

Thoughts and comments? Leave them below:

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5 years ago

one of my biggest obstacles is the motivation to go to the gym after a long hot and intense 12 hour day at the rig where u may or may not have a chance to eat then getting back to camp filling my face cause i am starving and then going to the gym before bed. i find myself tired without and desire but the dream to be in top fight shape

5 years ago

Great article Eric! Thanks I just injured my knee and need to get it x-ray to see what damage I’ve done. I can’t put any pressure on knee cap extremely painful. That is one of my obstacles at moment.

5 years ago

Certainly good food for thought – reminds me of the motivational statement ; ” There’s a big difference between knowing what to do and doing what you know!”

5 years ago
Reply to  Dave

And the bigger the gap between the two, the more paralyzed one becomes.