Ultimate MMA S&C v2.0 Preview #2

The preview below contains the “Strength, Power and Speed” chapter from v2.0 of the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program.

You’ll learn all about the strength-speed continuum and how it applies to MMA, among other things to help you get in top fight shape.

(PC users: right click and choose ‘Save As’. Mac users: CTRL+click and ‘Save’)

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I don’t know why but my computers not letting me see the thing>:|

Winson Lim

Hey Eric,

What’s the difference between MMA Ripped program and Ultimate S&C program?

It seems like both program look similar?


Hey Winson,

Ultimate MMA is designed more for guys who train MMA or fight, while MMA Ripped is designed more for guys who don’t. Both are based on my philosophies of training – MMA Ripped requires 4 days/week while Ultimate MMA can be done in 2 days/week.

Winson Lim

Hey Eric, Thank you for your reply. I have been on your list for awhile and I thank you for the content you sent me .  However I’m facing a huge problem in my training right now. I have been training Muay Thai at Evolve MMA for 7 months now and I got foot sprain once since March and have not fully recovered since then.  After I came back to train in mid April, I am not get back my peak form, both stamina and techniques. Recently I went for 2hrs of training on Tuesday, 1hr pad work training and 1hr Sparring and my body got site all over the place the next day.  My body have not felt so sore before and it’s like my first time getting soreness for several days and not recover. I just went for a strength and conditioning class yesterday and still the soreness… Read more »


Hi Eric,

I love your info and input in mma and just over all strength, conditioning and health. I tried to get the preview but it just locks up and then says there is an error which cant be fixed.

Enjoy your day and cant wait till the issue is fixed, Im Looking forward to some more great info.


Sorry, I had a Duh moment, I got it working and so far its great. Thanks for the preview. Much Appreciated 🙂