Twice a Week Workouts = 10% Increase in Max Strength

I love getting emails from guys who use my programs and this one was especially cool because he had some #’s to report on top of how he felt…

Check it out here:


I’ve had great results from going through your system. This past week I did an old workout I used to do with some of my power lifting buddies, and all of my maxes are up at least 10% which I totally didn’t expect only lifting twice a week at times. And my endurance is so much better than it was before. I still may not be able to beat my sensei just yet but I can grapple, spar, and keep up with him endurance wise no problem.

And your nutritionitsu guide is awesome. Hell, from cooking all my meals at home I can eat ten times better than I ever could eating out all the time. Not to mention it saves me money which is always a good thing being a college student.

To sum it up your program greatly exceeded my expectations and I’m definitely planning on getting your advanced MMA power program and looking forward to seeing how much more my strength, power, endurance, explosiveness, and everything else will increase even further.

Bryce Allenbrand

Way to go Bryce!

Here’s the program Bryce used to get stronger while working out LESS:

Like I always say, it’s all about working hard AND smart.

Go kick some ass!

– Eric


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9 years ago

what advanced mma power program?? and what program was he using?

9 years ago

Not at all shocked to read this. You always deliver.


9 years ago
Reply to  Patrick

Thanks brother. 🙂