Canada Day Workout

Today’s MMA workout video is in celebration of the first weekend of July holidays…

This past weekend us Canadians celebrated Canada Day while our neighbours to the south celebrated Independence Day.

MMA Workout Amidst Fireworks

Basically that means a lot of fireworks and beer.

I was lucky to be able to hit up the cottage again (2 weekends in a row!) and had a great time.

I brought my trusty 24kg Kettlebell and TRX with me to get some workouts in while I was away and workouts I did!

Unfortunately, the deer flies were out in full force and were attacking me despite being drenched in Citronella, which, as I’ve discovered, has zero effect on deer flies.

Who knew?

Oh well, at least I smelled lemon-y fresh during my workout!

The two exercises I’m going to show you in today’s video are good for 3 things:

  • Increasing PUNCHING POWER via rotational hip power and core stability
  • Decreasing SHOULDER INJURIES via compensatory strengthening to balance the demands of MMA training
  • Increasing GRIP STRENGTH

Not too shabby eh?

Plus, all you need is a Kettlebell and TRX.

NOTE: I like to have fun with my videos. If you want some serious, stuffy dude who likes to talk over your head, go elsewhere. Otherwise, enjoy and most importantly, put it to use. Check it:


Here are a few more details about each exercise:

The “Electron”

This exercise is great because you work the KB through a circular range of motion, which is fantastic for the shoulders and develops hip power and core stability in the rotational (transverse) plane of motion.

Enter 3D training with this exercise! It can be done for reps (10 per), time (60 sec or any other method you want to use.

The “Scarecrow”

This TRX exercise will balance the demands on your body if you train MMA by training your upper back muscles and posture, helping you decrease injuries.

Go for higher reps here, 10-20 is a good number to shoot for, so you can focus on perfect form and develop strength-endurance and maybe even a little upper back muscle mass.


Whaddya think of the exercises?

Most importantly, what’d you think of the fish? 🙂

If you have no questions or Comments, simply introduce yourself and tell me where you’re from.

It’s cool to see the different parts of the world where people are visiting my blog from.

Talk to you down below!

– Eric


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shane parkis-cafferkey
shane parkis-cafferkey
9 years ago

Love the fish!! The scarecrow looks like a plan I need to put into affect, just find some straps first. Seeing the kettle bell workout has given me the boot I needed to get a plan and bell sorted.


9 years ago

I’m not a fighter, I just enjoy working out and the moves you show provide great challanges and variety, so thank you!
Roland from Hungary,

9 years ago

I just bought a TRX. Good timing, mate. I’ll try it out tomorrow!

9 years ago

Hey Eric,
Awesome video. I remember bicycle touring across western Montana, riding 15 to 18 mph and using a shirt to swat the deer flies. They were so big I could see their shadows on the road beside me; until they landed on my back! HAHA Good times that will never be forgotten. Excellent fish scene. I am glad you are enjoying life. The exercises are great. The scarecrow is deceptively difficult to do at a steep angle. I like how you incorporate the hip into the electron, as opposed to just using the core for stability.

james harley
james harley
9 years ago

Hi Eric
Great Stuff on the kettlebell exercises…..will be trying that one out soon.
You asked were your readers are from well i live in Edinburgh…..which is across the pond in the UK…..more specifically Scotland ….land off brave heart…sean connery ….bagpipes …golf ….scotch whisky etc….
noticed you have your problems with biting insects….over here we have a vicious wee beastie called a midge…its a real biter…..theres only a couple of things they dont like one is neem oil.. and the other is Avon Soft & Fresh Dry Oil Body Spray…as used by the royal marines…..dont know if that would work on deer fly as we dont get them over here….cheers james

9 years ago

Yo Eric,
Excercises look great, looking forward to trying them out. The irony of you catching a fish (to eat) whilst you in turn are eaten by deer flies…welcome to the food chain.

Tony Ricci
Tony Ricci
9 years ago

Love the movements–will try both of those in concept. Always looking for stuff to hit the middle & low traps to maintain that shoulder girdle health.

Can totally sympathize about the damned deer flies–they suck!!!!! Have you noticed that they and their retarded cousins the horse fly are hard to kill!?!? You can swat them hard and they just bounce off! We learned to do a “swat-drag” to squish & tear them.