My Top MMA Fights of All Time

The UFC is running a little vote on their site for the Top 100 Fights of all time. Because I don’t really have the time or care to go through the 181 fights they have posted on their site, I figured you’re probably in the same boat.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t choose from a more select list of fights. Now I’m not going to say that these are the best fights to have ever taken place, but for me, they came to my mind first.

So here are 3 of my top MMA fights of all time for your viewing pleasure, in no particular order:


1. Bob Sapp vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira – I loved this fight because I was a huge fan of Noguiera and it was the first time I ever saw Bob Sapp. He was such a monster, being 150 lbs more than Nogueira!! I was on the edge of my seat the whole fight.

This fight just goes to show you how skill and conditioning can give you the victory over size and raw power.

2. Wanderlei Silva vs. “Ironhead” Kazuyuki Fujita – Another PRIDE classic here, Wandy was in his axe-murdering prime, but Fujita showed how he got his nickname.

Silva’s relentless attacking style was so exciting to watch. Imagine having the ability to throw powerful (yet wild, I know) punches as relentlessly as Silva. His conditioning and fearlessness was off the hook.

3. Anderson Silva vs. Rich Franklin II – This fight just solidified Silva’s dominance as on of the best fighter’s ever. If you think about how Rich Franklin pretty much dominated the division before Silva got there, and how Silva absolutely destroyed Franklin not once, but twice, regardless of Silva’s less than exciting last 2 performances, we can still see from this fight how crazy the Spider really is. The vast arsenal that he deployed on Franklin in this fight was really something else.

So what do you think of these fights? Are any of these on your top fights of all time list, or do you have any others? Leave a comment below and if you have a link, I’ll post it.

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Saku vs. newton:
IMO one of the best fights i’ve ever seen from a technical standpoint. Saku in his prime was amazing.


Cro Cop-Fedor
Dan Hendo-Shogun Rua
Sakuraba-Royce Gracie
Sakuraba-Carlos Newton
Shogun-Chuck Liddell


Nogueira vs sap was epic man and i always enjoy wanderlei fights he was my first valetudo hero man hahaha fucking relentless monster once you are in his punching range you are going to sleep for a while lol yes he lose composture and has been ko but is always exciting to watch him perform non the less unlike other great champs that now are not at the top like mirco crocop latest fights


I should just add the recent fight henderson vs shogun that was rocky type of thing lol


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Never seen the alvarez vs. hansen fight before – thanks, it was a good one!

sven wegscheider
sven wegscheider

emelianenko vs randleman ( )
manhoef vs cyborg ( )
alvarez vs hansen ( part1 part2)