The Power of MINDSET

Today, I’m sitting at my desk, water bottle to my left, in horrible posture, 5 empty envelopes to my right just waiting for money for some guy who’s getting a whole lotta dough just for having a really nice effin’ camera.

If you’ve gotten married in the past 5 years, you know what I’m talkin’ bout.  😛

As I’m writing this to you, I’m asking myself this question:

“Right now, with all I’ve learned, what can I create that will help my INSIDERS the most?”

But I’m not in a rush to answer it…

I’m going to let my mind bring the best answers forward for me to choose from.

“Hey, I just want some new exercises, shut up already!”

Sorry, can’t do that Johnny, this is the stuff that’s at the CORE of all success, all top performances and achieving the highest level of fitness your body is capable of.

MINDSET – is at the foundation.

It’s sad though, cuz I think it’s truly missing today.

There’s absolutely NO teaching in our school system about how to control our minds.

So if you feel you lack discipline, self-confidence, or will power, it’s not your fault… You’ve just never been taught!

These skills creep into sport but are still small potatoes vs. fitness, skill and strategy.

This is sad, because here’s the thing…

If you can truly control your mind…

Then you have total control of your life… and whatever life you want to live, all you’ve gotta do is EXERCISE that control to realize your dreams.

Eat your heart out Obama… 🙂

Unfortunately, years of programming and conditioning have left our minds in a state that’s even WORSE than our bodies…

If you can believe it.

Most people’s minds today are like a 5 foot 10 inch, 28 year old guys who weighs 364 lbs – fat and out of shape.

But like our clinically obese friend who is at a higher risk of pretty much every disease and illness known to man, we CAN do exercises, stretches, play sports, take a few key supplements, and, oh yeah, that little thing called cooking to whip our fat minds back into FIGHTING FORM.

This I tell you, is well within your reach.

Next email, I’m going to reveal 3 of my most prized Mental Katas that have helped me realize my goals of training UFC fighters, being debt-free and 100% self-employed 6 months after graduating university, and generally doing what I want, because I want to, NOT because I have to. [We’ll see what happens after I get married ;)]

I call them Mental Katas because they are not “quotes” or “words of wisdom”.

Too often, “words” are recited but never acted upon.

Just like in Karate, Katas are not just things to say; Katas are things to practice.

And it’s only in practice that mastery begins.

In reflecting over my life and what’s brought me to where I am today, I’ve chosen these 3 Mental Katas because I feel they’re the most important to master FIRST, before anything else.

If you’re even a teensy-bit interested in finding out what these 3 Mental Katas are, lookout for my next email.

But if you’re not interested in developing your “mental muscle”, ignore it and go watch YouTube videos of random guys getting kicked in the nuts instead. :O

Eric “mental kata” Wong

P.S. I feel bad for the cliffhanger. Let me leave you with something POWERFUL…

In this email, I told you that I ask myself the question, “Right now, with all I’ve learned, what can I create that will help my Insiders the most?”

Asking yourself questions is one of the most powerful things you
can do .

Ask, but don’t be hurried to answer. Sleep on it and let the answer come to you and if it doesn’t, do it again.

There’s only one rule – when you do this and an answer comes, the word “can’t” is off-limits.

I’ll tell you more next time. 🙂

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Lean man
9 years ago

Absolutely amazing read. This is something i will try to incorporate into my own workout.

Lean man – Lean body mass

9 years ago

[…] promised in my last post, here are the 3 Mental Kata that I feel have helped me be, in my on unique way, […]

9 years ago

I really think the mental part of fighting or anything in life is highly over looked. Thank you for this look into how your set your mind and I cant wait to read the rest! Congrats on the marriage by the way!!!!!