Team Rampage = Gang of Thugs

If you’ve been watching the Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights, maybe you’ve noticed that Rampage’s team is much like a gang of schoolyard bullies who go around and beat kids up for their lunch money.

Their various antics on last night’s episode just went on to solidify this fact… Not to mention the fact that they still haven’t won a fight.

The caricature painting was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen and seemed like such a waste of time.

Whereas these guys could’ve spent their energy on coaching their fighters, they were out getting a painting drawn up of Team Rashad. Brilliant idea guys!

The segment where Kimbo and 2 other guys were sitting around the pool and talking about who was gonna win the fight between ‘Titties’ and Zak was the most evident of the mentalitiy of these fighters.

They were talking about who they thought was going to win the fight, and they made their pick based on who they thought was going to go ‘crazy’ and ‘lose it’.

Since when have you seen a fight won by a guy who just went crazy and lost it?

Maybe Tank Abbott a decade ago… But not anymore.

Now, you’ve got true martial artists who show compusure… Guys like Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, Georges St. Pierre, etc. etc.

Going crazy won’t help you out.

You’ve got to be relaxed and calm to let your skills shine. Once you get all riled up and you’re emotionally on the edge, you lose the ability to adapt and change your gameplan, if need be.

So if you’re a budding fighter, don’t follow the lead of these thugs – take the champs who win with class as your role models and do what they do – train hard, stay consistent, continue to learn and grow, and fight with class – and you’ll be a successful mixed-martial artist.

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11 years ago

Those two are getting rediculous… I say Dana gives them both a pair of gloves and let them settle it in the cage.. coaches fight

11 years ago

Rampage needs to get his act together and train his fighters, if you see they way Rashad is with his fighters thats the way all coaches should be, he cares for his fighters and Gregg is the best coach out there in my opinion since ive trained at his camp for a while……but Team Rampage for me are just a bunch of meat heads…..

11 years ago

Great point. Silva and Machida are two great fighters and they never look wild, and GSP is probably my favorite fighter out there.