Solutions for Low Testosterone

This is a reply I wrote to someone who has low testosterone and was wondering where it came from. Symptoms of low T include depression, irritability, decreased strength, unexplained fat gain, loss of muscle mass, trouble gaining mass, and more.


Any time you have a hormone imbalance (in your case low-T), you usually have other hormones that are out of whack.

The first one to think about is cortisol, as cortisol is basically a testosterone antagonist – so you’re very correct in thinking that your work stress levels are affecting your T. Answer this question before moving on:

What stresses me out?

Answering that question will give you an idea of all of the psychological stressors in your life that could be elevating your cortisol and decreasing your T.

Now, psychological stress is not the be all, end all. Perhaps these questions will help lead you to some more ideas.

Do you have an environmental/toxic stresses?

Is your work environment polluted? eg. Lots of dust?

Many environmental pollutants are not the old carbon monoxide and smoke from factories – some are as simple as fibers from rugs, which are essentially plastic, which are xenoestrogens and act as estrogen, which would drop your T.

I would avoid plastic water bottles, storing foods in tupperware (especially fats/oils, as they absorb the xenoestrogens particularly well), and any other food-related plastics. Switch to glass, stainless steel, porcelain etc.

I’d also avoid teflon just to be safe – get cast-iron or stainless pots and pans. Plus – you’ll develop good wrist strength working with cast iron.

Pesticides are also xenoestrogens, so that is another route – think about organic fruits/veggies. If you can’t buy all organic now, go to and check their list of the fruits/veg with the highest pesticide load and make sure you at least buy those in organic form.

Do you get enough cholesterol in your diet?

Might sound counterintuitive, but cholesterol is a precursor for all sex hormones, and if you’re low in cholesterol, your body can’t make T. So don’t go out of your way to over consume egg yolks and red meat, but definitely eat them weekly.

How much are you sleeping? Is it at a regular time?

If you’re not getting good sleep at regular times then your circadian rhythms get thrown off and you will tend to have higher levels of cortisol throughout the day.

Do you deload your workouts properly?

Can’t push all the time – need deloads. You may need more deloads now than before – so decrease volume but keep your intensity the same – you’ll be able to maintain strength without overtaxing your nervous/muscular system. I mean, you’re in a healing phase right now, not growth, so don’t worry about hitting a PR until your T comes back to normal.

Where you sleep, do you have lots of electronic devices plugged in?

This is one that I’ve never experienced but follow anyway, but guys like Charles Poliquin and Paul Chek talk about. Electromagnetic stresses interfere with your sleep patterns, which will screw up your sleeping rhythms, and result in the same thing as not sleeping enough or at the same times. So try unplugging as much as you can – I only have my wristwatch by my bed to wake me up – no cellphone, no tv, computer, etc. Also make the room as dark as possible – once light hits the skin, it activates melatonin, which tells your body it’s time to finish sleeping.

I also try to wind down at night before bed by reading, instead of moving from the TV or computer straight to bed, for the same reasons above.

From my perspective, I would think about those points. Don’t worry that you have to fix everything all at once (more mental stress), just think about what things could be affecting you the most, work on those, then keep going down the list.

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Barbara Altman
8 years ago

Nice Article… It contain complete information of Testosterone Level Improvement Organically…
1. Stay free from Stress
2. Do Exercise
3. Sleep Enough
4. Be Active.

these are the steps to improve Testosterone Hormone naturally.