Shoulder Warmup Routine for FAST Hands

Whenever I travel, I make sure that I don’t give into the temptation to get fat and lazy and instead, keep working out.

As well, I do my best to eat well so I don’t feel like an absolute slug when I get back.

I recently took a short 4 day vacation to the Bahamas…

Cable Beach in the Bahamas (Location of the Shoulder Warmup Video)

Definitely a much needed getaway from the Canadian winter and my body thanked me for exposing it to some sun!

Nutrition-wise, my fiancee and we brought some foods, which included my world-famous Cashew butter muffins as well as 6 cans of tuna…

We hit up the grocery store and bought some fruits, cheese and pickles and we were set for each day’s breakfast and lunch.

Whenever we travel, we try to sample the local cuisine – I totally do not understand the folks who go away to another country but insist on eating at McDonald’s and KFC.

Blows my mind!

In the Bahamas, conch (pronounced ‘conk’) is a local delicacy and I had it battered and fried, grilled and in conch fritters. Tasty indeed!

Training-wise, I did all of my workouts on the beach.

I simply refuse to workout in a crappy hotel gym indoors when I’ve got access to a white-sand beach with turquoise water, so a mix of bodyweight training and shadowboxing kept me busy.

Shadowboxing is one of my favourite things to do right now…

You can find me punching invisible opponents in my living room, in the elevator and any other place where I think no one is watching me.

Before I beat up the air with my favourite combos, I always loosen up my shoulders with a few different movements.

When I was in the Bahamas, I videoed a couple of my workouts and in this video, you’re going to see the movements I do to warmup my shoulders to ensure they’re loose and my hands are FAST:

There are a couple of technique pointers I want to make sure you understand so you get the most out of this routine:

  • Go through a full range of motion for each exercise
  • Don’t go at full speed but don’t go slow – just swing your arms around keeping them as loose as possible
  • Breathe naturally throughout each of these exercises
  • Marching Arms: make sure you really reach up and back with the arm using the anterior delts to lift your arm up, not your upper traps
  • Reverse Flys/Shoulder Blade Pinches: focus on squeezing your rhomboids and mid/lower traps when you pinch your shoulder blades down and back
  • Torso Rotations: focus on using your core (specifically your obliques) to rotate your body, not the momentum of your arms, your arms just go along for the ride

I’ll usually do this routine after I skip for 5-15 minutes.

Now I’m sure the biggest question I’ll get about this video is,

“How many reps should I do?”

For these exercises, do more not less.

How I feel gauges how many reps I do – if I need to loosen up more, then I’ll do more reps.

If I’m feeling particularly loose and limber already, then I won’t do as many.

Experiment and do as many as you feel you need that day.

If you’re at home, give it a shot right now, do some shadowboxing and tell me how you feel below!

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everydaay i see ur vid 😀


thank youu for the great tip broo 😀

Garrett Ellison
Garrett Ellison

Hey Eric did u get that message i sent you and if u did would u plz reply bc i really need ur help


Thanks for this post Eric! I usually include these, or slight variations of them when teaching my martial arts and kickboxing classes.


Even when not shadowboxing, this is great stuff to do while waiting for the morning coffee to brew. I’m already nice and loose before getting to the gym.


Yeah no doubt – I shoulda mentioned that as well – that I do these exercises before any training as well as in between sets.


Nice video. The backdrop is definitely better, and I’m quite a bit jealus here I’m sitting with snow outside my window.


Hah – no worries my man, the snow will be gone soon. I returned to complete greyness and rain.


Hi Eric
That’s looks great, thanks a mill. Just finished the “quickness kills” so looking forward to trying that out and speeding up the hands as well as the footwork… BTW what was the audio on that clip, it sounds like Mogwai?


My brother from another! I am a huge fan of Mogwai as well but this is actually a band called Explosions in the Sky… Check em out you’ll really dig.


Will do -great minds think alike!


Cool post Eric, Cheers for sharing Bro….

Fellow Warrior
Fellow Warrior

cool always thanks for sharing


This was a really cool video, Eric. I got taken with the music (drums) and the whole flow of the exercise. Keep it up, Eric. Keep inspiring us.

jeff mann

Great stuff Eric! I’ve seen some of these stretches before in my boxing training classes, but you have some new ones in there that work great! Thanks!!!


Nice post Eric,

It’s funny, I’ve always done these types of exercises to warm up prior to any type of training…when it comes to shadow boxing, sparring, or working on striking drills with partners – I’ll normally stretch my ankles out as well and shake out the legs – ill pace forward (heel to toe) then back peddle (toe to heel) a few times to work the ‘cobwebs’ out of the legs and get them warmed up as well.


@ Adale, that’s what I’m talking about – glad it helped you out. 🙂

@ Eugenio, I only prescribe stretching before a warmup when there is a specific muscular imbalance that must be corrected or a particular muscle is hypertonic (overactive). Otherwise, dynamic mobility movements like those shown in this video are much better and what I do.

Stretching can actually slow down your performance, not what you want if your goal is to punch with blinding speed.


I tried this and went to shadowbox. My arms feel great, movements were instantly smoother and faster than when I usually shadowbox.


Hi Eric, I do a similar technique but don´t you think that stretching a bit before the warm up is good? Thanks for the vid, it´s nice !!!