Screw Pushups! (and 1 other variation)

Here’s the final video in the 3 video series of brand new bodyweight exercises I learned from the Adam and the TACFIT Commando guys…

The TACFIT Commando program is chock-full of unique bodyweight exercises that will improve your mobility, co-ordination, and core stability… I highly recommend you check the program out…

When I first went through the program I was amazed at the variety of exercises and the quality of video instructions that Scott gives.

Another resource to add to my vast library – my (new) fiancee gets mad at me for spending so much on books and courses but I was taught that investing in your own education always pays off in the end.

Hey, at least it’s not a new purse!  (I don’t say this so as not to get in trouble). 🙂

Check the vid:

If you’re still doing standard pushups and you find them easy, upgrade your training and add these variations in there… I guarantee you can’t do as many of either of these variations as you can normal pushups.

For more unique bodyweight exercises, be sure to check out the TACFIT Commando program:

=> TACFIT Commando (plus the special bonus below)

10×10 MMA Bodyweight Circuit

Remember the 10×10 MMA Bodyweight Circuit I was telling you about?

Here’s the scoop.

When you pick up the TACFIT Commando program, I’ll hook you up with a copy of my 10×10 MMA Bodyweight Circuit – the workout that kept me in fighting shape while I was on vacation in Costa Rica…

This circuit can be used anywhere, any time, to keep your mobility, strength, power and conditioning up to snuff…

I used it while on the beach in Costa Rica and definitely got some funny looks, but hell, I was the most ripped guy there so whatever. 🙂

But this isn’t the main reason to invest in the TACFIT Commando program, it’s just the icing on the cake.

Get TACFIT if you think it’s a good idea to expose your body to totally new movements, train in 3-dimensions and have an arsenal of exercises that you can do regardless of where you are or what equipment you have access to.

Think of it as having 50+ strikes and combinations in your arsenal that you can call upon and execute at anytime vs. 5 – you’ll be 10 times more effective when you get in the ring and with these new bodyweight exercises you’ll be 10 times more effective in the gym.

=> TACFIT Commando (plus 10×10 MMA Bodyweight Circuit, FREE)

To claim the 10×10, simply email me after you grab TACFIT Commando with your invoice # and I’ll hook you up.



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11 years ago

all i’ve got to say is..I love the names..are you sure they didn’t come out of the kama sutra? haha