Rocci’s On A Roll!

Rocci Williams first started training using my programs in 2009. I did an interview with him on this site over a year ago. He’s still going strong and has been fighting regularly.

Here’s an email he sent me on May 3, 2011 about his most recent fight that has some interesting MENTAL TRAINING tidbits in it:

I won my fight how I said I would, I wrote it down – it went like this. he threw a couple of jabs of course I moved then I think as he threw the rear kick I tagged him a little from then he wiped his nose, i knew then he didnt like to get hit (wrong sport gumbo) I knew what was comming – he shot I stuffed it and put him on his back from here I got the crucifix landed one elbow, he said to me that he had enough (sorry dude, your in the wrong sport) so i proceeded with some more elbows and knocked him out – 64 seconds in the first ohhh yeah!! my celebration was longer lol.

Not once did I question my fitness, and I really really trained my arse off for this one, again I have to thank you for that, but also to say thanks for recommending the Renegade Mindset on your site cos these guys have given me that killer confidence, I now actually love to fight. every opportunity I was putting the ear phones in and just taking all that mindset in.

next fight is set for September, sort my niggles out and do a little strength training
thanks again


Eric: Awesome, thanks for sharing Rocci. Lots of golden lessons shared on how to mentally prepare for a fight.

If you want to develop the KILLER CONFIDENCE too, I suggest you check out the Renegade Mindset for Fighters program that Rocci swears by.

It’ll help minimize your pre-fight nerves and allow you to show your skills. Highly recommended for any fighters who want to have their best performances in the cage:


UPDATE: Rocci sent some pics and additional commentary along with them. Check em out:

“I am a big fan of having little reminders of confidence, if you look at the waist band on my shorts you will see I have the acronym for W.I.N” – Rocci

“I never used to look at my opponents in the middle, probably because I thought they might be able to see me doubt myself and you know what that is what I could see in my opponent here, and at this point I really feel like the coiled tiger waiting to pounce on his prey just how the guys at RENEGADE MINDSET explain it.” – Rocci


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hey guys. Thats all well and good. My problem is with the dude that lives across the street. I am 42 yrs. This dude is in his 20s. Dont get me wrong . I can fight . I ve trained just havent in a good while. My circumstances do not allow me much room for much time for much. I have no doubt I can take this guy. The only reason I havent is I have more to lose than gain. But this guy is pushing it . Any advice would be welcome .


Raymond, hows it going? I’m no stranger to aggrivation especially in the neighbourhood – ‘but knowing you can fight, gives you the power not to’ hopefully that makes sense as it one of my sayings I remind myself of. Obviuosly this blog is about overcoming nerves and pre fight anxiety in compettition, so unless you two are going to put some gloves on and duke it out I would either forget about him as he has probably got some insecurities or go and have a chat with him.

hope this helps


I remember Rocci’s interview that you did with him seemed like a cool guy! And of course im really glad hes doing well!


Although thinking positive will not necessarily win you a fight; negative thoughts will most defiantly result in a inferior performance often leading to losing. Its important how you stated you “really really trained your arse off” as the reassurance of intrinsically knowing you did everything possible provides a great deal of confidence along with the mental preparation. A athlete can tell the world and themselves how they are great and going to win but unless you do the things which make winning possible you are going to inevitably fall short .You dont learn confidence, you do confidence so mental prep and physical training (strength and conditioning,sparring,skill, technical etc) go hand in hand significantly. Using the article example one aspect I would caution on would be going into a performance with a predetermined thought on how it will finish. Yes, its important to have a gameplan based on your strengths and… Read more »


some reall valid points! I am a big fan of writing things down in a diary everyday during my 12/8 week countdown I would put down how my day went, which includes S&C, Skills, Nutrition and mental. I never really have a game plan its more of an outline on how I want to control the fight and this confidence for me comes down to daily goal setting such as – today in training I am going to be evasive or I am going to land a certain strike I mentally prepare myself for this just before the session and have only this thought. no matter who I spar or how it goes I stay determined to pull off the goals I have set. the acronym which I always have in my head is Whats Important Now W.I.N, I remind myself of this as much as possible. Its not advisable… Read more »


spelling error – Dominant!


Hey Eric, if I knew you were gonna put this up I would of gone into more detail, for me I spent the first part of my career telling people I was going to go in there and knock my opponents out, but I didnt really beleive that, it was all just hype. but now when people ask me what I am going to do I always reply with that I am going to W.I.N (one of my favourite acronyms from Brian Cain, this was the guy that really started my sport pschology off, once again and I’m getting bored of this but thank you for putting his interview in your first package Eric, and what the win means to me is Whats. Important. Now) so I have kept things realistic, but my last few fights I was telling myself every waking moment how was going to go about the… Read more »