nutrition-itsu Part 2: The Most Important Thing… YOU

In today’s nutrition-itsu video, we’re going to talk about the second level on the pyramid – YOU AS AN EATER.

This is where we’ll talk more about nutritional psychology and your mindset and thoughts around food.

You’ll also discover the single most important question to ask yourself about nutrition that if you answer it correctly, eating will cease to be a source of frustration for you.

Here’s the video:

I’m creating this content as I go, so I’m wondering what BURNING nutrition questions do you have that you’d like me to answer?

Got any more questions?

Let me know in the Comments section below and if this video resonated with you, hit the ‘Like’ button to let me know.

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In terms of being present, grateful and eating mindfully, I found that to be really good advice. However, I feel obliged to either finish or throw away food that I heat up in a microwaveable safe container because I heard that you shouldn’t re – heat food more than once.

Is this true that you shouldn’t re – heat food in a microwaveable safe container more than once?
If so, maybe it’s better to finish it and eat a little more rather than throw the food away.


nice brutha can you talk about if possible the pros and cons of 2 stiles of ingesting veggies im referring to juicing vs using a nitri bullet, im not sure , bottom line both are good if you think about it you cant go wrong if you do any i personally do juicing because its what i have and i try to make a juice everyday, it really makes me feel lot better more energy and alert, but recently i have been considering a nutribullet but in that method you get all the fiber you dont get from juicing which im not sure i want, I probably will feel full in my stomach or something i dont know) besides they say that you need avery nutrient and not to dispose any like the seeds in that case for grapes makes ton of sense but is it really superior to juicing,… Read more »


Very good again. Explaining to have a why and the eating habits for eating healthy.

I myself did make lots of “experiments” in good and very bad ways to eat for several months.
All the fitness experts only talkin how to loose fat…

can anyone tell the skinny dudes how to put on muscle ?


mmmm interesting ?? about mindset. Clicked Like but detest Facebook