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So I had a rough day today and it made me implement a BRAND NEW policy for clients, customers and friends of EricWongMMA…

Before I get to that, I’m going to vent about my day for a minute:

First, my backup hard drive, a 1.5 terabyte Western Digital My Book Essential crapped the bed and basically lost all of my data.

I lost more than a few (100% legitimately owned) memorable MMA events and some other files, but luckily nothing I will really miss. I’m especially glad I didn’t lose any of the books I’ve written or exercise videos I have archived.

At the same time, it was kinda good, as it made me realize the silliness of holding on to so much “old data” not just on our hard drives, but also in our lives.

Think – what are you holding on to that would give you physical and/or mental space, whether they be material things like old, raggedy t-shirts or non-physical things, like limiting beliefs that prevent you from attempting to reach your goals?

Here’s a principle I live my life by – the less you need in your life to be happy, the happier you’ll be.

Back to the crappy WD drive (I will never buy another WD drive for the rest of my life) – I did some Googling and I am not the only one who’s had problems.

I found a tip on how to salvage the remains so I extracted the hard drive from the external enclosure, plugged it into a new enclosure and found out that the hard drive has errors as well, so it’s basically trash.

After that, I set today to do some work on my wife’s Jeep… I always call it my wife’s Jeep because I’m embarrassed to drive the gas guzzling hog in this day and age.

But when my gas-sipping 4 cylinder Acura Integra got totalled (I loved still love that car) after getting rear-ended as I was driving home to downtown Toronto from Claude Patrick’s gym via the 427 South  a couple years back, I figured we could make do with only 1 car and guess what – we’ve made do. It’s actually way better (less stuff = more happy) as I’ve really gotten to know the city since I ride my bike everywhere.

The Jeep is a 2007 Liberty and if you own this vehicle, you may know that the brilliant engineers decided to make the wimpiest window brackets and use the heaviest window glass possible. So the rear driver’s side window bracket broke and it’s been jammed to stay up with white hockey tape for years now. Ghetto, I know!

I bought a replacement bracket from eBay and it arrived this week, so I got my hands dirty and did the job.

It took about 3 hours to replace, as I had to remove the door panel, remove the moisture barrier, then unbolt the power window motor and slide it through the small opening, replace the broken piece and put everything back as it came out, which was no small task for a keyboard warrior like me.

When I was done, I put the key into the ignition, powered it up and tested the window…

Down OK!

Up OK!


I can’t tell you the feeling of gratification I got  from this little job.

Makes me really respect any mechanics or tradesmen out there, that’s for sure…

I then moved the Jeep from my temp auto shop to my parking spot and when I hit a little bump, “CRASH!”

My heart sank…

I tried the window and NOPE – nothing doing.

After I parked, I ripped off the panel and moisture barrier only to find the power window motor laying in the bottom of the door.

Apparently I didn’t bolt the motor to its housing properly and it fell right off.

DAMN! I thought I’d done a great job and I was excited to crack a beer to celebrate. Instead, when I got home, I cracked a beer to help ease my troubled soul.

Anyway, these events have paved the way for my NEW POLICY – from now on, I am backing all of my programs and products with a LIFETIME PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE.

Grab a program (e.g. MMA Ripped, Ultimate MMA, the Olympic Lifting Mastery Course, etc) or any course from my store

And let’s say you don’t end up using it for 6 months, or even 6 years… When you actually do get around to it if you think it sucks, shoot me an email and I’ll get your money back to you, no problem.

I’m upset with my defective backup hard drive and this crappy Jeep window problem, but what I’m more upset with is the horrible customer support and worse, the WD hard drive rep pretty much blamed me for the problem!

So I don’t want any of my customers to have a bad experience doing business with me. So my new LIFETIME PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE is a result of these 2 companies making crappy products and my crappy experiences trying to get help from them.

I could’ve just said that from the start, but then I wouldn’t have been able to get this stuff off my chest. Feels good to vent once in a while. 🙂

Thanks for listening pal!

– Eric

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Hi Eric, this the most generous offer of any product sold on the Interent and not limited to fitness. So thank you very much for it. But don’t you worry that too many customers will demand refunds, and you will lose alot of money this way? And this can have a negative affect on you in designing and developing more fitness products in the future?

(By the way I believe there are no better mma strength and conditioning and general fitness workout products than yours out there)


Lifetime warranty, wow thats awesome, not that you should ever get any cliams, as from my experience they work and really f*ckin well !!


i know da feeling, thankg God there’s people like you out htere who still give liftime guarantee. It made methink bout my own job, guess I’m gonna make it a personal commitment to myself!


Shit i just got a WD 1 tera i hope mine doesnt brake like yours im worried now lol I have some nice shit in there. Those hd problems are a bitch im musician and once i was upgrading my old pc so i hire this “expert” to upgrade several things on my cpu and i had lots of my original music i was working on and i just said to the mofo hey please make a back up of my stuff before anything else , sure thing the dammmm lazy son of a b… Didnt back it up and he just decide to risk to do the upgrade and ofcourse shit happened and he lost all my data!!!! I was just really mad i wanted to ko this fucker man so sad is not like ok i will compose all again so i lost few tracks forever I dont… Read more »


Hey man, sorry to hear bout the bad day bt I like the way u turned it into something good. Ur S&C course is def not gonna be returned from Nigeria…its great. Also thanks for all the support n follow up u’ve given to me after I got the program. Its good to find sum1 out there who isn’t all about taking money from customers.


Thanks Eric!
You are the bomb! I own two of your books and they are great. One on mma ripped and the other is the Olympic lifting mastery course! These are great books and aside from the lifetime guarantee thank you for providing useful information to everyone. It’s a big help!


Eric, congrats on your mind-leaps and conclusions… you’re way ahead of your game!


Hey Eric,

If there is any data that is really important for you and you don’t mind spending some bucks to retrieve it, there’s a place in Markham I’ve used before called CBL. They offer a “No Data, No Charge” guarantee.

Your Lifetime Guarantee is pretty awesome but I doubt you will have too many returns anyway!


Yea, I’m not returning any of your shit dude!! Lol If I lived in Canada I would have done the window job in exchange for another bad-ass program, seeing as how I’ve been an electrician for about 12 years. I do wish I wouldn’t have bought that eating raw food program from that other dude tho…blah, blah, blah. Oh well, live and learn. I’ll just stick to your programs from now on. And in April, I remember buying some “yoga for bodybuilding” from to get some other program from you but I was so busy working days and weeks on end in another town that I lost track and never found out. Would you, or anyone that knows, mind telling me? Thanks.


Dude, nice positivism and turning negative shit into things that make you stronger! Not only are your programs well structured, well detailed and make one achieve great results, but the mindset and the positive influence we get from you makes it a 100% service. And that’s one of the reasons I stick around here and get inspired. Peace out.


Changing the world, one step at a time! This is exactly what we need in todays world; more focus on quality and less focus on the compulsive consumer behaviour forced on us by crappy quality.



Lifetime guarantee – that takes some balls and some hardcore belief in your products! Nice work, Eric.


Eric if you are having problems with your hard drive, don’t throw it away. You might still get your data back. If the drive can still power up, try HDD Regenerator. You can find it here, It is not expensive and it is worth the money.

I have used it many times to recover data from problematic hard disk drives for clients, and most of the time it gets the job done.


I’m not too worried about the data because I have everything that I need, but I will check it out to see if it can help me with the bad sectors. Thanks Yiannis!

Ian M
Ian M

Not sure how many return emails you will get dude. Your Ultimate MMA S&C program is incredible. It’s helped me reached new levels and break plateaus as well as expand my mind and influence a totally new lifestyle for me. Thanks for all of your hard work Eric. It’s so cool because your influence and teaching spread far beyond yourself and your immediate customers. Your teachings have helped me help out some of my friends as well. Thanks Eric

Side note, I’ve had a really good friend for years named Eric who is also Chinese and who also does martial arts (he was my main training partner for 2 years). Keep it on Mr. Wong. It’s always nice to see fighters you train perform well also. I’m quite a big fan of both Claude and M. Bocek


Was it another Eric Wong?

If so I’ll have to have him killed – there can only be one.

Shayne Green

Sorry, man!! Thanks again for the great video on milk, wheat, etc. and gut health last week. it was awesome.


You’re welcome! It’ll be good to hear how it works out for ya (eliminating dairy then reintroducing it).