My Supplement Secrets – Part 2

Thanks to everyone who posted a comment / question on Part 1 – I appreciate the feedback and as promised, here are #2 and #3.

Doctor Wong’s Supplement Secret #2 – Cheap and Easy Fat Burning ‘Supplement’

This one is super easy – all you’ve gotta do is drink a cup of coffee (250-300 ml) about an hour before your workout.

cup_of_coffeeIf it’s drip coffee, a cup has about 150-200 mg of caffeine, which is right around the amount that you want to increase fat burning.

Caffeine helps to burn fat by triggering your body to release more fat from cells for energy use, and it also ramps your nervous system up a bit, which can help you train harder.

Unfortunately, if you’re a coffee addict, you’re going to be desensitized to the caffeine, so it’s a good reason for you to get your habit under control.

Seriously – lots of guys are addicted to coffee and miss out on its fat burning properties because of it.

So if you’re drinking more than a cup in the morning, try to cut it down, and learn how to drink it black, as the sugar and cream aren’t doing you any good.

One thing to note is that if you’re training in the evening at 5pm or after, you may want to avoid this tip, as the caffeine might keep you up, which will hamper your recovery if you can’t sleep.

But if you know you can sleep no prob, then go for it.

Compare the price of a cup of home-brewed coffee to a fat burning supplement like Hydroxycut and you’ll quickly save mucho dineros.

On to #3…

Doctor Wong’s Supplement Secret #3 – Fat Loss, Joint Health, Cancer Prevention, Improved Mood, Better Brain & More!

OK so if you’ve been following the supplement scene for a while, you know that Omega-3 fatty acids are good for you, for a number of reasons, including all of the things I’ve mentioned above.

But there are a few things that you should know about before you go out and grab the first bottle of O-3’s you see.

First of all, not all omega-3’s are created equal. There are 3 main kinds: DHA, EPA, and ALA.

DHA and EPA are the best for you and are found in fish and pasture-fed, organic meat and eggs.

ALA is found in non-meat sources like flax and walnuts. ALA is good to get too, but aim to consume DHA and EPA  from the sources mentioned above.

Get in my mouth, omega-3s!

In terms of supplements, you want to go for fish oil supplements, and you specifically have to look at the labels to see what’s good.

You can get either liquid or capsules, I prefer liquid, but I’ll explain how to choose the best of both.

In terms of amount to take, you have to look at the total amount of omega-3s and aim for 4-6 grams of omega-3s per day.

Most cheap fish oil caps have about 200-300 mg of omega-3s per capsule, which means you’ll have to take 15-20 capsules a day to get 4-6 grams of omega-3s!

A ridiculous amount for most unless you enjoy swallowing big, cylinder shaped pills (and if you do you might want to keep it to yourself).

So, you’ve gotta look into the higher potency capsules, which can give you 600-700 omega-3s per capsule. But you still have to swallow 6 – 10 capsules a day, and these tend to be fairly expensive.

Which is why I prefer to take liquid.

The 2 brands I always get are Nutra-Sea and Carlson, because they’re high potency, they don’t taste fishy (lemon or orange flavoured), and they’re made from small fish (mackeral, herring, anchovy), which don’t accumulate as many toxins as bigger fish like salmon.

Here’s a label from the Nutra-Sea bottle: 

Here are the important details:

  1. Per serving, you get 2300 omega-3 fatty acids, so that means you need 2 servings to get 4.6 grams.
  2. Each serving size listed is 5 ml = 1 teaspoon, so 2 teaspoons gives you 10 ml.
  3. For a bottle that’s 500 ml, you get 50 servings out of it

Each bottle costs about $30 bucks, so you get almost 2 months worth for $30 when you take the liquid.

If you’re a big wimp and you can’t handle 2 tsp of fish oil, just throw it in your mouth while you’ve got food in your mouth and swallow – you won’t even notice it.

Just don’t cook with it, as that will oxidize the omega-3s, which is a bad thing. Also, keep it in the fridge and away from light, and always keep the cap on tight.

So there you have 2 more killer supplement tips to save you money and improve your body, health, and performance.

Got any questions, comments, tips to share, or final words? Share them below:

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Hello, it’s my first time to visit your website.
I’m a bodybuilder and I know protein, creatine and even caffeine are important for bodybuilding. But after I read your tips, I discover that omega-3 is also an important supplement. I think I should go out to buy a bottle of fish oil now.

Danny D.
Danny D.

Eric, I’m new to your website and I can see I’m almost 2 years behind on this response. I don’t know if you

will even get this but here goes nothing. I’ve learned so much from your blogs in the past week! I’ve been

taking 1 fish oil pill a day with 720mg of omega-3s for the longest time. It’s cool to find out that I need to take

at least 6 pills to get the health benefits. As much as i love poping these pills, once this bottle runs out I’m

definitely switching to the liquid. Thanks so much for putting together an awesome website. I will soon be

buying one of your s&c programs, which Im pumped about!


Hi Eric,
Thanks for all the good tips.
I just got a bottle of Nutra Sea but the bottle indicates 1tsp not 2. Can you please explain why you advise to take 2 tsps?


hey eric,

when is the best time take your fish oils if you’re using the liquid kind


Hi Eric,

what is the fish oil good for anyway?


Oh ok well i think im getting enough omega i eat the omega 3 eggs and fish i love me some fish, and i also take my pills…thanks Eric keep up the good work….


Blake if your talking about my comment i read the bottle and it states to take 1 softgel tid qd……..


Roberto – Blake is referencing what I said in the article – you need 4-6 grams of omega-3s total, not just fish oil total…

So each of your capsules is like the example I gave – they have 300 mg of omega 3 fatty acids per capsule, meaning you’ll have to take 15-20 pills per day to get MY recommended 4-6 grams/day.

The bottle recommendation isn’t sufficient to get the major benefits associated with omega-3s.


Hi Eric I’m taking Spring Valley Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg. I bought it at Wal-Mart for $14.00 Each package contains 2 100 count bottles of 1000mg Spring Valley Omega 3 Fish Oil softgels.

Supplement Facts:

Serving size 1 softgel
Calories per serving 10
Calories from fat 10
Total fat 1g
Saturated fat 0.5g
Polyunsaturated fat 0g
Monounsaturated fat 0g
Cholesterol 5mg
Natural fish oil consentrate 1000mg
Total Omega 3 fatty acids 300mg

Whats your opinion on this……….

Blake S.
Blake S.

I think the biggest issue with those is the number you would “have to” take in a day. It said something like 15-20. That’s ALOT of popping pills.


Eric, I’ve been recieving your e-mails for awhile now, and I have to tell you, they’re a breath of fresh air. I too am a personal trainer and very much enjoy your blogs, lot’s of good info. Anyway I have a good money saving wieght gainer for all of my fellow hard gainers out there. Ingredient Cals Fat Carbs Protien Peanut butter 2tbs 210 16 6 8 2% milk 1cup 130 5 13 8 Rolled oat 1/2 cup 150 3 27 5 One banana 121 1 27 1 Non fat yogurt 1cup 160 0 32 8 Whey protien 120 2 3 23 Total 891 27 108 53 Throw that all in a blender and your done. I think it’s important to note that I use natural peanut butter, and EAS whey protien. But even more important, is that I use whole foods, and one of these shakes cost me $1.57… Read more »


Eric mate wouldn t it be better to just eat fish instead of drinking fish oil or swallowing capsules? I mean, wouldn t the result be similar?


larry – no doubt that eating fish is great for you and whole foods are almost always better than supplements.

But trust me, working with lots of people, getting them to eat fish, even on a WEEKLY basis is probably the hardest thing to do if they don’t already do it, so nowadays I just go straight to recommending supplements…

There’s some mental block that people in the West have with eating fish – unfortunate because of the crazy health benefits.

Blake S.
Blake S.

I like fish but with my GF it’s hard to eat it becasue she HATES it. So, if I’m understanding correctly, buying and taking the high potentcy liquid O-3’s is a perfectly fine substitute?


Not a ‘substitute’ per se, if you’ll eat fish, then eat it when she’s not around (can of tuna on the go, etc)…

But the supp is something to take daily even if you do eat fish.

Blake S.
Blake S.

Ok. I got it now. Thanks.

Also, I know you said unflavored whey protein and mix with natural juice. Is there a particular reason for the unflavored or just so you can mix with the juice? If I was to purchase a flavored powder does it change the nutrional value of it at all?

Lastly, what are your thoughts and feelings on protein bars?


The flavoured stuff generally has chemicals like artificial sweeteners and other stuff I try to avoid…


T.A Eric I live in tokyo so fish is not a problem at all ya know sashimi etc,,,

Matt McDougal
Matt McDougal


Are you a believer in whey protein? I consume a shake with 60g of protein, .5 hours before working out. If you have already covered the topic, I missed the correspondence and you have my apologies.


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