My Muscleup Progress

Just thought I’d post a quick video of my progress so far doing Muscelups

Remember, I started out only being able to do 2 real ones.

I’ve been working them once or twice a week, or maybe more if I happen to stumble upon a bar that invites me to do them. My goal was to be able to do 10 clean ones by the end of August, so I’m pretty sure I’ll hit it.

I’ve also been working explosive pullups to the chest when in the gym. Which I haven’t been in all too often. Especially after the leg press incident… 😉

One of the strategies I’ve been using to improve my Muscleups is to rarely go to failure.

I didn’t do that in this video because I wanted to see where I was at, but all of my other workouts I only hit reps, I don’t miss.

Another strategy I’ve been using is just shooting for a total # of reps per Muscleup session, which has ranged from 25-40, depending on the day.

To be honest, I haven’t been following a tight program, mainly because in the summertime I never do. I just make sure I train at least 3 days per week, whether it be outdoors, in the gym, wherever.

But I play a lot: roller hockey, swimming, wakeboarding, tennis and volleyball; so I get a lot of physical activity.

I also sit on a lot of patios and drink a few beers. 🙂

OK, what you’ve been waiting for – the video update of my progress:

[jwplayer config=”Post” mediaid=”6179″]

One thing I’ve switched up is my grip – I now wrap my thumb over the bar.

I experimented with this and found that it was easier on my wrist and didn’t negatively affect the # of Muscleups I could do. In fact, it helped because I wasn’t beating up my wrist. I suggest giving it a try if you’re Muscleupping!

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Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas

Looking pretty bawss there man!

Any advice on how to get the chest to the bar on pull ups? I’m a heavy dude and didn’t start weight training(including bodyweight) until 2009 or so. Something tells me it’s a biomechanical thing…I’m missing the form or lacking mind-body connection for that last squeeze to bring the chest up.


Start with a short little jump off the ground to help you get the velocity. It is more a neuromuscular thing – being able to activate those muscles rapidly is not normal in training, which makes the Muscleup so awesome.

Then, only train where you can maintain velocity, so if it’s only 2 or 3 reps, so be it. Do lots of sets (6-10) and work your reps up and as they go up, lower the # of sets you do.

Steve VB
Steve VB

can’t seem to get the latest vid, been working on chest to the bar pullups..aimin for ten then wanna move on to muscle ups

Gary George

I’ve been doing these on rings, but now I’m going to build a straight bar in my gym for clients. thanks for the update


Can’t go wrong with either but the variety is good.


have you trained on rings for muscle ups?


Never done it on rings Rocci.