Muscleups in Barcelona

About 6 days into our 9 day vacation, I told my wife,

“Honey, I need some time for myself.”

Being the understanding sweetheart that she is, she was totally cool.

So I decided to go to the beach and do whatever I felt like.

One goal was to play some beach volleyball. My wife doesn’t like vball so much, so if we’re hanging out, I don’t want to play.

When I got to the beach, I cruised along until I found a vball court.

There were a few guys there and luckily for me, they were looking for another player, so I joined in.

The guys were all from Brazil, which explains the Speedos

They were living in Barcelona working as Capoeira performers. Pretty cool stuff – being able to travel and work doing something you love.

The court was right near the shower where you rinse off after swimming (or just to cool down), and if you’ve ever been to Barcelona, you’ve probably seen that many of the women like to get a “full upper body tan”. This was slightly distracting, but I managed to maintain my composure. Somehwat

After playing for about an hour, I’d had enough and went for a dip to cool down then planned on walking the beach for a bit then going home.

After about 10 minutes of cruising, I stumbled upon this:


If you’ve been following my blog for the last couple months, you know I’m all about doing Muscleups, and this park was perfect-o.

So I warmed my shoulders up a bit, did some Pullups and Pushups, then got into it.

I didn’t have a plan and must’ve done at least 50 total. It’s not like I had to be anywhere and the setting was spectacular.

Here’s a vid of one of my warmup sets so you can see the beauty of the scene:

[jwplayer config=”600×338 (Blog Posts)” mediaid=”6262″]

I also hit some Windshield Wipers and called it a day.

After finishing my workout, I noticed that girls were giving me more stares than usual.

This got me thinking about my mission, and the fact that I don’t generally promote exercise for physique goals. My thinking was that it is a vain and superficial thing to think about.

But this is coming from someone who’s never been fat, or above 10% body fat for that matter…

Chinese guys don’t generally have a lot of body fat, and because I played sports all my life and started lifting weights at 16 (without any extended breaks to this day), I’ve always been lean. So I don’t necessarily know what it’s like not to be lean.

But after walking the beach in Barcelona, feeling like a piece of meat with all the seniorettas oggling me, I kind of got into the mindset of what NOT being lean would be like…

Perhaps, it would involve being self-conscious to take off your shirt at the beach… Or seeing other guys on the beach who were in shape and feeling inferior. Basically, it might be a hit to the self-conscious and the self-esteem.

Know what I’m saying???

So this experience (of being visually molested) has kind of changed my mindset of training for physique goals…

This ties into all of the thinking that I’ve been doing about my mission and my next “big thing”…

I’m going to be thinking more about this, but I just wanted to keep you up-to-date with my thoughts.

I should be heading home soon and getting back on track, so I’ll check ya from Toronto and Eastern Standard Time in a couple of days. Hope you’re well and kicking ass!

– E

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8 years ago

Never really though about it as beeing vain, but it is nicer to have someone mention that WOW you’ve lost weight or man you’re hitting hard. I mast admit i didnot enjoiy beeing the fat man, been called the michelin man once ot twice in my younger years, even had a short time with a nickname of ” doughnut”
But man that has all changed, my body fat % is dropping at a steady rate and i feel good, which is important.
Hey eric, didn’t notice any of those women you talked about 🙁

8 years ago
Reply to  Steve

The most experience I’ve had of that kinda thing started in high school when I first started lifting weights – some female friends would squeeze my bicep and ask if I was working out. Definitely felt good that’s for sure.

I guess I’ve just kinda forgotten about what that was like and I’ve now realized that it’s a great thing to feel and something worthy of working towards.

Oh and sorry for the lack of pics – I didn’t want to get picked up by the Barcelona PD for being a peeping tom, or have my wife find them, and then, well, you know….. 😉

8 years ago

Great stuff Eric, glad you’re loving Barcelona: it’s a top notch city bar the pick pockets. I have many fond memories of the place.
We don’t get many opportunities to go topless in Ireland. Well done on the muscle ups!

8 years ago
Reply to  Cork_boi

That set was a bit weak, but it was my 2nd warmup set… After I got into the groove I hit 8 reps, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to bang out 10 in a couple of weeks.

Lotsa good food here, but if you ever come to Toronto, you’ll be blown away by the variety. I can definitely take you on a foodie tour of a lifetime in TO.

8 years ago
Reply to  Eric

I was in Vancouver this day 3 years ago. Food was awesome there too.

Ski Wakeboarder
Ski Wakeboarder
8 years ago

As the guy who was 25% BF (195lbs) at one point and after 3 years getting my 43 year old frame down to 5% BF (175lbs). I can tell you from real life experience its an amazing experience now to walk in a room and feel like the main course.

8 years ago

Main course lol I like that.

What were you before, a bag of chips?